X-Force #43

    X-Force » X-Force #43 - Teapot in a Tempest released by Marvel on February 1995.

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    Running Cerebro and Cable's Time Chamber simultaneously, Cannonball locates Sunspot. Oddly enough, Locus appears and teleports X-Force away in order to stop Sunspot from doing something awful. X-Force arrives at the MLF camp to find that Sunspot has supposedly been around all along as the terrorist Reignfire. The finding comes too late, as reality is ripped apart and the Age of Apocalypse begins.


    Cannonball runs a holographic recreation of the moment his best friend, Sunspot, went missing during a fight with the MLF's Locus. He explains to Siryn and Warpath that he plans to combine the powers of Professor Xavier's mutant detection system through Cable's time-displacement core may give them their best shot at finding where - or when- Sunspot may be. Seconds after starting the process, the machine kicks out a location in the northern Atlantic.

    Out on the town, Boomer somehow finds herself down a street lined with prostitutes. She muses to herself that this could have been her life. She sees one young girl get approached by a volunteer who encourages the girl to improve her life. The girl flees and Boomer takes it upon herself to follow her and render help.

    Elsewhere, Rictor and Shatterstar try to enjoy to some time off at a nightclub. Shatterstar gets shaken, however, when a girl tries to get too friendly with him. Shatterstar flees the nightclub.

    Cannonball calls Cable and learns that Cable and Domino are too tied up with the end of reality to help with the search for Sunspot. Communications are interrupted when Locus appears suddenly and babbles about time traveling with Sunspot. Cannonball, Siryn, and Warpath are incredibly confused; they have not time to ask questions, however, as Locus teleports them away with her.

    On the streets, Priscilla Cole, the young prostitute, is having an existential crisis regarding who she wants to become. Boomer catches up to her and encourages her to contact that lady that had tried to help her. Before Boomer can get a commitment, Locus shows up snatches Boomer up. Priscilla flees.

    A few blocks away from the nightclub, Rictor catches up with Shatterstar, the two friends share a moment of vulnerability that is suddenly broken up when Locus appears. The two friends step into the void to be teleported with the rest of the team.

    In the North Atlantic, the MLF is getting picked off one by one. Dani Moonstar flees as her only friend on the team, Forearm, is mowed down by their boss, Reignfire. Even her horse, Darkwind, falls victim. Just when Dani abandons hope, X-Force arrives with Locus to confront Reignfire about Sunspot's whereabouts. Reignfire removes his helmet and declares that he has always been Sunspot. At that moment, reality crystallizes and shatters.


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