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    Panchito is a Mexican rooster and a friend of Donald Duck and José Carioca. He is one-third of the "Three Caballeros".

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    Mexican member of the Three Caballeros, known for shooting his guns at every opportunity.


    Panchito Pistoles was originally created in the early 1940s by the Walt Disney Company, to help improve relations between The United States and Latin America during World War II, In 1944, he appears as a supporting character in José Carioca's stories in Silly Symphony comic strip written Hubie Karp, illustrated by Paul Murry and inks by Dick Moores, soon after, he became the protagonist of his own strips, written by Bill Walsh, illustrated by Paul Murry and inks by Dick Moores, in these strips, he gained a horse named Señor Martinez, the strips was published until 1945. In 1944, he starred in the movie The Three Caballeros, alongside Donald Duck and José Carioca. Her first comic book appearance was in August 1943, in the text story La Piñata, illustrated by Sylvia Holland published in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #35, long then appeared in a comic book alongside Clara Cluck, written by and illustrated by Ken Hultgren, in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #38 (November 1943). In Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #50 (November 1944), a sequel to The Three Caballeros, written by Chase Craig and illustrated by Carl Buettner. In the Four Color #71 (1945), was published an adaptation of The Three Caballeros, written and illustrated by Walt Kelly.

    In 1982, he began to have stories produced in the Netherlands, where they follow the original strips, where he appears with Señor Martinez, in 1984, he begins to appear in José Carioca's Brazilian stories, however, with white color and using his flying serape and not Señor Martinez.

    Other Media


    • Panchito made his debut in The hree Caballeros (1943) where he meets Donald Duck and José Carioca.



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