Mort Weisinger

    Person » Mort Weisinger is credited in 990 issues.

    The longtime editor of Superman during the Silver Age, co-creator of Aquaman, Roy Harper and Green Arrow as well as the 80-page Giant comic book.

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    Alvin Schwartz has talked openly about the editor saying the follwing.

    "That story has been told by me so many times in so many places, even among these columns, about how Mort used to steal plots from writers to give them to other writers, how he bamboozled the head office into thinking he was great, how Don Cameron got so fed up, he tried to push Mort out the window. How Mort diluted Superman with his endless flow of Superg\dog, supergirl, etc. How he hated to let writers make more money than he made, and tried to stop the wonderful and herlpful DC practice os advances for writers. Then, there was his incompetency. He didn't know a mixed metaphor from a srambled egg. S J Perelman lampooned him mercilessly in the New Yorker and Mort took it as flattery because he was mentioned in the New Yorker. I had plenty to say in an interview in Wizard. You might also want to check out Bill Woolfolk who also had plenty of the same to tell about Mort in various interviews. And finally, even his good friend Julie Schwartz admitted publicly, at San Diego, that he never saw anyone who could say such hatewful things about HIMSELF,,, that is, Mort's own self-hatred seemed to make him behave that way toward everyone else. The stories are endless. Go check them out. I'm through wasting my time on this particular subject... Alvin"

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