Character » Maelstrom appears in 6 issues.

    A slave on Apokolips who wants to prove her devotion and love to Darkseid by bringing him the head of Superman.

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    Supergirl vs Maelstrom

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    Maelstom was a laborer on Apokolips and confessed to be madly in love with Darkseid. With this said, she headed to Earth in hopes of killing Superman, so that Darkseid may love her in return. However, when Maelstrom arrived on Earth, Superman was away and had left Kara in charge during his absence. At first, the duty proved to be more-so, on the boring side of things as Kara had nothing to do, that is until Maelstrom hurled cars at her, initiating a fight. Maelstrom completely overpowered Supergirl, even toppling a hospital in the process. When Maelstrom was about to deliver the final blow to Kara, Superman returned and defeated her soundly. Kara later escaped to the Moon and began to self doubt. Superman tells Kara he is sorry for not personally overseeing her training and decides to take her to a isolated place for training, whether she liked it or not.

    Back on Apokolips, Maelstrom is thrown into a gauntlet against warriors for Darkseids own amusement. Maelstrom quickly defeats the other warriors, but is thrown in the slave pits, to be used for later; meanwhile, Kara still struggles during her training with Kal-El. Maelstrom is essentially put to work inside the pits, but quickly comes to terms with her own class, as she is shocked, for not working. Maelstrom returned to Earth, and quickly began attacking to please Darkseid which prompts Superman and Kara to return as well. Superman and Kara make quick work of the Furies, however now they had to combat the raw physical and willpower of Maelstrom. Kara grips Maelstrom by the neck and places her in a ship, to a planet with a red sun, it is here that Kara learns she cannot save everyone.


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