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    James Palmiotti (born August 16, 1961) is an Italian-American creator and writer of comic books, games and film, and an inker.

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    Over the past 20 years, Jimmy Palmiotti has taken the comic book world by storm; inking, creating, and writing many major series and developing several memorable characters. He has been co-writing the monthly Jonah Hex with long-time collaborator Justin Gray for 4 years and is known for his work on series such as Painkiller Jane (which he co-created with Joe Quesada), Daredevil, Punisher, Deadpool, Power Girl, and many more.

    Palmiotti started in the business in 1991, inking several titles for Marvel including the Punisher, Ghost Rider, The 'Nam, and the 2099 line of comics. He regularly partnered with friend Joe Quesada, most notably on Ash (which they also co-created) and on Daredevil (including Kevin Smith's ' Guardian Devil' arc). He also inked for artists Doug Mahnke, Paul Gulacy, Steve Dillon and Brad Walker on series at Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse.

    In 1994, Palmiotti and Quesada formed their own publishing company Event Comics, and co-created Ash, Painkiller Jane, Kid Death and Fluffy, and 22 Brides. In 1998, Event Comics was contracted to do several books for Marvel Comics, on a project called Marvel Knights.

    Since making the jump to writing, he has worked on many titles including Deadpool, Daughters of the Dragon, Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, Back to Brooklyn (co-authored with Garth Ennis), The Resistance, Monolith, The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning, Power Girl, Terra, 21 Down, and currently Jonah Hex. He often writes with long-time writing partner, Justin Gray. He has also written several graphic novels (also with Gray), including The Last Resort, Random Acts of Violence, and most recently Time Bomb from Radical Publishing.

    He has also written for the screen, acting as a writer and script consultant for the Sci-Fi channel show based on his character, Painkiller Jane. He has also co-scripted a Ghost Rider video game with Garth Ennis.

    Palmiotti is a partner with frequent collaborators Amanda Conner and Justin Gray, in their company Paperfilms, Inc. He is also a partner in two other companies: Black Bull Comics and Event Comics.

    Personal Life

    Palmiotti currently divides his time between NYC and Clearwater, FL, where he lives with wife and collaborator Amanda Conner.


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