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Can the fox be outfoxed? To keep his organization's secrets safe, Lupin'll have to go fox hunting, because after all, dead foxes tell no tales. But how can rival thieves get so close to his secrets in the first place, unless his own little brotherhood has betrayed him, which begs the question, is gold thicker than blood? Well, Lupin lives his life by many creeds, the most important being: take the money and run, run, run. But, if this life of crime seems a little too much trouble than it's worth, Lupin might abandon his family's time-honored profession and consider going back to school...if he can steal the answers to the entrance exam. You can take the man out of crimesville...

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 57: The World on a String
  • Chapter 58: Camera Tricks
  • Chapter 59: Medal of Dishonor
  • Chapter 60: High Art
  • Chapter 61: Death and Duality
  • Chapter 62: Double Your Guns
  • Chapter 63: Collegial Damage
  • Chapter 64: Campus Strife
  • Chapter 65: A Course in Hypocrisy







Story Arcs

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