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He is the shooter of Lupin´s group. He can shoot in 0.3 seconds and with amazing accuracy. Prefers to hide his eyes under his hat, to give a more enigmatic figure. His hat is also an important element in his shot accuracy because he uses to aim the target. His weapon of choice is a revolver Smith & Wesson Model 29. It is also an expert in the use of machine guns, sniper rifles and even anti-tank rifle PTRS-41 or a Panzerfaust.  Jigen doesn't trust of the women and he is often in disagreement with the feelings that Lupin proves in the comparisons of Fujiko.
Another brand of the his cool originality is the cigarette always in mouth, strictly folded up: it is not difficulty feel the expression, among twenty-years old Italians, "alla Jigen" ("like Jigen") just in reference to a person that smokes a curved cigarette. 
His favorite genre of music is classical music , but he also like the jazz , the passion derived by the fact that during his career as a gunman , who has lived for a time in New Orleans .
In an early episode in which the character appears , says he learned to shoot from an Italian named Giovanni, and unknown famous thief from this country .
Inspired in the figure of the gunman of "The magnificent seven" ( portrayed by James Coburn), Jigen is the characteristic American years thirty. He is taciturn , tenebrous and serious. He represents the conscience of  Lupin: his name means dimension in fact.


 The man with the golden gun
 The man with the golden gun
Height: 178cm
Weight: 70kg 
Eyes: black
Hair: black 
Japanese Voice: Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Italian Voice: Sandro Pellegrini.
Spanish Voice: Jorge Arvizu 
French Voice: Philippe Peythieu
Nationality: japanese
Age: unknown 
Preferred Weapon: Smith & Wesson Model 19

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