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Konga was a chimpanzee who, due to the mad science of one Professor Charles Decker, was turned into a 30 foot tall gorilla.

Mind controlled by Decker Konga was killed at the end of issue #1.

In issue 2 however we find that the death from the first issue had not taken and for 22 more issues, along with an annual, and a few "special issues," Konga, the little chimp that grew, faced a slew of aliens, dictators, mad scientists, giant robots, great white hunters and monsters until he lumbered off into comic book limbo.

The comic that did better than the film on which it was based

But then as the film was originally to be called "I was a teenage gorilla" until they went with Konga instead, it would have to be.

Part of a trilogy of monster books by Charlton in the early 60’s based on B-Movies where the comics then took over the story where the films left off after issue # 1 and then continued apart from the movie version, Konga was a surprise hit for minor league Charlton Comics, as was their second try Gorgo, the third try, Reptilicus, not so much, lasting on two issues, after which it was changed to a slightly different monster not based on the movie when for another 6 issues.


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