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Very little is known about Karg. A goblin, he was accounted as one of their greatest and bravest warriors. He was eventually elevated to the position of leader of the goblins.


Karg was created by Matthew Sturges and Luca Rossi. He made his first appearance in House of Mystery #22.

Major Story Arcs

House of Mystery

As the leader of the goblins, Karg agrees to assist the witches of the Summerlands in their war against the Thinking Man. After Tursig successfully prevents a rout of their forces by countermanding Karg's orders, Karg orders Tursig to continue providing strategic advice, but forces him to keep it secret. Growing increasingly resentful of Tursig's greater skill and irritated by his advocacy to caution, Karg finally snaps at him in front of the other goblins. Tursig challenges Karg, alleging that he is a bad leader. Karg is defeated and killed in the subsequent duel.

Powers and Abilities

Karg is a goblin, and so possesses all the powers and abilities inherent to his race. He is a very strong fighter, and is very brave, but has a poor grasp of military tactics or leadership.

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