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Back Again for the First Time

Time to set the mood

Aaaaah the Justice League , a team franchise that brings back many fond memories ^_^………of which none have come from reading a single comic book. Sad I know, but I’d like to think I would get into JL sooner or later, it just had to be at the right moment.

Then along comes the DCnU relaunch………….whiiiiiiich doesn’t exactly feel right, for a lot of us. But hey, it’s been a while since the JL felt like DC’s flagship title (again) and with Earth’s Mightiest books lacking in quality lately, (ftmp) maybe this book will be worth the risk.



Like many #1’s this issue goes through the motions of assembling the new JL team albeit at a very slow pace, which is ideal. As DC’s biggest heroes it’s only right that Geoff give each character enough space to shine and properly interact with their future teammates. I enjoyed Batman and GL’s first team-up a lot more than I thought I would.

The Big Villian

This issue also reveals (well mentions) the villain our heroes will face in the not so distant future, a villain that all but guarantees that I’ll be sticking around for a while. ^_^


Naturally, like any #1 issue, the art is excellent. What stood out to me the most was the contrast in atmosphere from the intense action in the cities, to the almost “homey” (is that a word) atmosphere of the high school football game. And I gotta say Jim Lee draws the best version of the new “threads” of a certain character who shows up at the end.


As G-Man does mention, Batman and GL’s character don’t feel very different from their post-Flashpoint counterparts. But since re-launch coverage indicates that both characters seem to be the least affected by the re-launch, I don’t think people should expect them to be any different. But we’ll see.

Wrap Up

I’m not sure how much credit goes to the issue itself or the fact that DC is starting over, but this was a great season premier, but like G-Man said it felt too short. But that comes with the territory when starting over, the excitement and anticipation of what comes next. Now this issue hasn’t won me over just yet but I don’t think I’ve ever been this psyched to see Superman in a comic let alone vs Batman….with no green rock (fingers crossed)

Justice League #1 was a very good start to this opening arc that’s worth checking out.

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