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Back Again for the First Time 0

Time to set the moodAaaaah the Justice League , a team franchise that brings back many fond memories ^_^………of which none have come from reading a single comic book. Sad I know, but I’d like to think I would get into JL sooner or later, it just had to be at the right moment.Then along comes the DCnU relaunch………….whiiiiiiich doesn’t exactly feel right, for a lot of us. But hey, it’s been a while since the JL felt like DC’s flagship title (again) and with Earth’s Mightiest books lacking in quality ...

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Didn't See That Coming 0

While I've come to accept and support Winick's direction for the series thus far, the story itself, while entertaining at times, has been a miss for me. These days, I'm looking forward to what's in store for PG after Generation Lost. According to solicits there are big changes on the horizon. But until then, I guess another tie-in will looks like things are turning around much sooner than expected for Starrware, considering the state of her company in issue #21, tha...

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All Is Not Lost.... 3

At this point my enthusiasm and (overall) positive outlook on the series is pretty low. As the last 12 issues solidified my perception of Jimmy and Amanda as the quintessential creative team for Power Girl, I'm even more convinced that no other writer could create such a unique and entertaining book that (imo) fits the character quite well.  But like it or not it's now up to Winick and Basri to keep this book afloat. I'll admit there are some aspects of his game plan that I'm looking forward to,...

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Season Finale 2

12; it is a number that is synonymous with canceling a new comic book title. Fortunately this does not apply to Power Girls ongoing series, yet this brings little solace to the possibility that this is the last issue for the books founding members. On the flip-side, this has increased my expectations for an even bigger finish to this arc. Lets see how Palmiotti & Co. cap off their run.  Good Cast Work As the cover implies, major and minor players from past story lines are given varying amoun...

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What Friends Are For 0

Ever since I saw the cover art (in December) I've been looking forward to reading this issue, but issue #9 has given me cause for concern. On it's own, I would love to see the photo stalker plot thread play out to it's full potential (it would be hilarious) but I don't see the value in playing it out in this new story arc, which quite honestly, is just too good. But I guess the team has no choice since they have only a few issues left to wrap things up. Hopefully, Jimmy & Co. will find a way...

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Hits the Fan! 0

Now that Satanna is part of the current Ultra-Humanite's backstory, I guess it was only a matter of time before she discovered what happened to him and decided to pay Power Girl a visit. But with the appearance of the Humanites benefactor in issue #8, this might turn out to be more than a simple revenge story.    Good   Art The success of issue #9 relied heavily on the artwork and Conner/Mounts deliver big time. Satanna's beasties look great especially the elephants. The added emphasis of quickn...

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Making the Best of It. 0

The previous 2-issue arc was enjoyable (it had it's moments) but it didn't feel complete. This is partially why I'm so pleased with last months issue. So far this new 2-parter seems to be on the right track, leaving me with little doubt that issue #8 will bring this short story to a complete and gratifying close. Fortunately I was right........sort of.     Good    Vartox Instead of the action-packed romp I forsaw follwing issue #7 (silly me), the "ix" situation is quickly but cleverly delt wi...

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Better Than I Expected 0

 I didn't know what to make of this issue, when I first saw the cover except that I didn't want PG to end up in a relationship, especially with this guy. Something tells me it's not gonna happen, I just hope that whatever takes place before Power Girl lets him down, is worth it.    Good PlotWhat was particularly unique about issue #7 was it's undivided attention to the main plotline. No transitions into PGs business or personal life this time around, just a linear story focused on Vartox and his...

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The Secret's Out 0

For me, the first half of this story was a mixed bag. There's been great character development in the last 2 issues but it left little room for the bigger plot threads to make any major progress. Still, I'm aware that certain things muct fall into place before the story can brogress smoothly. With any luck everything is set for chapter 3 to take the story forward.    Good   PlotFortunately, this issue does just that. From start to finnish, Rikki's high school conspiracy takes center stage as t...

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Settling Issues 0

Unfortunately, the Space Girls arc has come to an end when it seems like its just getting started. Power Girl #5 was an ok start but hopefully #6 will provide some substance to the story before it ends.    Good Anez As individual characters. Anez sticks out like a sore thumb compared to her sisters. As shown iin issues #5 & #6, her speech, demeanor and leader/big sister persona complement Axira and Shonas flirtatious and carefree spirit.    Humor Palmiotti & Co. seem to keep things tigh...

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Character Driven 0

Though I  would love to have a new Bucky in the 616 Universe, Marvel's decision to make Rikki the new Nomad makes sense. As sidekicks and junior heroes (the Batgirls and Kid Flashes) grow and develop, changing their identity is inevitable. Still, it would be great to see Rikki work with Cap at some point.   Nomad #1 was a good start but I hope Rikki's anonymous offer of the Nomad mantle at the end will get this story rolling.   Good Art Compared to issue #1 the  artwork does imporve thanks to th...

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Paying Attention 0

    Power Girl #4 payed little attention to the new plot line and focused on Karen's new life, and supporting cast. It was a much needed break after the last arc.   But the Space Girls have landed and I hope there's more to them than what the issues title suggests.    Good   Cast Work Sharing the spotlight with Karen, we get to know more about one Starrware employee’s life and connection to another character we’ve met in the series. We are also introduced to a new member of Starrwares staff.  Ar...

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What We've Been Waiting For 1

 Utopia has been on a slow boil since issue #1. During the story's progression I've been waiting for that turning point in the plot that started taking place in the last chapter.  Chapter 5's ending did show promise that Exodus would reward my patience.  Good Trust in Cyclops At the end of the last chapter (Dark Avengers #8) the whistle is finally blown to execute Scott's master plan and every piece naturally comes to play in the final chapter. I'm sure it's been said time and again but the near...

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Shows Great Potential. 0

I had my doubts that Marvel would ever create a new Buckyuntil I saw this image for Captain America #600.Though unaware of her existence in the Marvel U it didn’t matter,I was ecstatic.Now Rikki Barnes (from the Heroes Reborn Universe) is one of my favoritecharacters simply because she could, or should be Captain Bucky’s sidekick.But that’s up to Ed Burbaker who I trust will bring them together when the time is right.For now, it’s up to Sean McKeever to tell Nomad’s story.GoodArtI’m not too fami...

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The First Slice of Life 0

  I’ve been waiting for this issue for a while now. I enjoyed the first arc but I was more interested in what was coming down the road. What does Jimmy have in store for Power Girl in issue #4.  Good     FormatWhat made the issue enjoyable was how it was structured. Through a sequence of events, that transition smoothly from one to the next, we follow Karen through her business, personal and super-hero life. For me this was quite unexpected but a welcome change.    Cast WorkThe structure of th...

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Show Me What You Got 2

Power Girl #3 is the tie breaker. Issue #1 was good, Issue #2 not so good but not good enough to keep many issue #1 readers on board. But this is a 3 part story; aren’t you curious as to how it ends?  Good Art It’s a shame I had so little to say about the artwork in my issue #2 review, but what is there to say? Well there’s plenty. Visually, the Power Girl series is in good hands as long as Conner/Mounts are in charge and they make it loud and clear in this issue. From the cover to end, this i...

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A Change of Pace 0

Since the launch of Power Girl’s ongoing series, critical reception seems to be mixed with review scores for issue #1 ranging from 4.7 out of 10 to 4.5 out of 5. But the award goes to Aint It Cool News as a quote from their ecstatic review graces the cover of Power Girl #2 “Flawless” – Aint it Cool News Was issue 2 flawless……………? Good ArtAmanda Conner's artwork is great as always. Paul Mounts colors are great as well and really set the mood on Manhattan Island. JSA Other reviews might overlook...

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No where to go but up... 0

Taking all the other reviews into consideration and ignoring the fact that I am a fan of the character (somewhat) I'll try to keep this as real as possible.....I'll try Bad Two Much Text at the beginning (her history) and the middle for the Ultra Humanite, though I didn't mind for him. There were also some parts in between the action where instead of text, the art could have expressed the situation instead like the panel where the green beam was sucking her up into the Humanite's ship and she w...

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