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    Out of the Minds of Babes 0

    While continuing to have her group of Five Lights trained and tested by Doctor Nemesis, Wolverine, and others on Utopia, a new light has been detected by Cerebra in Germany and it is up to Hope and her lights to bring the situation under control. The Good The adventures and action derived from discovering new mutants is exciting as each situation is so different from the last one. Now, with a psychic on their hands, Hope and the Lights (they sound like a cheesy 80s band) must put their limit...

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    Crazy!!! 0

    Cover: When I saw this in the last page of GH #5, I wasn't sure what it meant.  It's different and new, and now that I have read this issue, it is extremely applicable.  Very cool!The Good: A baby!  The mutant powers are coming from a freaking baby?!  How cool is that?  How in the world would the X-Men in Utopia be able to handle a baby, and how powerful would this entity become if he/she is able to manifest its powers this early on.  I really like the fact that it obviously illustrates that t...

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