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When I saw this in the last page of GH #5, I wasn't sure what it meant.  It's different and new, and now that I have read this issue, it is extremely applicable.  Very cool!

The Good:

A baby!  The mutant powers are coming from a freaking baby?!  How cool is that?  How in the world would the X-Men in Utopia be able to handle a baby, and how powerful would this entity become if he/she is able to manifest its powers this early on.  I really like the fact that it obviously illustrates that the way that mutant powers manifest now are not the same they used to be.  Also, we get an idea of the tone and begin to understand how important Hope is for the new generation of mutants.  Character development continues at a relatively strong pace, which is really cool.  Mr. Gillen understands his creation, obviously, and that's a relief.  

The Bad:

Some of the art is a little weird, and I don't quite understand why Rogue was replaced by Kitty, maybe it's because of some other developments happening in other issue, but I don't follow every X-book there is.   This speedster's crush on Hope is also kind of annoying and I just don't care a bit about Kenji.


This is still a very strong series, and we finally get an idea of the direction that this series is going to take.  The discovery of new lights will make this series akin to old New Mutants, as it seems that it will introduce a new generation of mutants, which is something I really dig.


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