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    Host of the Agony symbiote

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    After the events of King in Black, Agony bonds to Gemma Shin, the Deputy Director of Communications for Peter Krane's campaign. Once she makes a bond with the symbiote, she is promoted to Director of Communications under Carnage, who is bonded to Krane's son. Together, with other Life Foundation symbiotes, they plan on assassinating Sen. Krane at his own anti-alien demonstration.

    When Flash Thompson's team and the Guardsmen get involved, most of her siblings are detained by Alchemax. Agony and Carnage got away, with Agony retaining a position in the Krane administration, now that a Carnage-less Arthur Krane was given his father's old position.


    Gemma Shin was first introduced in Extreme Carnage Alpha #1 by Philip Kennedy Johnson and Manuel Garcia

    Major Story Arcs

    Devil's Reign

    Behind bars
    Behind bars

    After Kingpin outlaws superheroes in New York, Agony is deputized to his Thunderbolt Units, the only sanctioned superhero team in the city. Besides keeping the peace, Agony and the Thunderbolts main mission was searching New York City for The Purple Children so that Kingpin could increase the amount of Purple Man power he was harnessing.

    She and her team were able to capture all but one of the Purple Children, which was enough for Kingpin to undo the psychic blind spot that was stopping Fisk from remembering Daredevil's true identity. Once he had the information again, he abandoned all his plans for revenge, but first cause a riot distraction by mesmerizing the Thunderbolts, including Agony, into attacking the citizens.

    She was eventually captured and imprisoned after Luke Cage beat Fisk in the election for Mayor. She attempted to escape with her fellow Thunderbolts, but Cage's new Thunderbolts, led by Hawkeye, recaptured her.

    The Fist

    Agony was broken out of jail by Daredevil and his new team, The Fist, a ninja clan that he founded with Elektra to confront The Hand. She, along with a number of other inmates, agreed to join their ranks for their freedom. Through training with Elektra, Gemma Sin was learning how to control the symbiote and ultimately used it to save brain-washed former member, Bullet, from The Hand.

    Unfortunately, their island fortress was attacked by both NY crime family, The Stromwyns, and The Avengers. The Avengers showed up to arrest Elektra for the death of the president, but the Stromwyns dropped the re-cid drug on the island, causing members of The Fist to riot. Despite Agony being successfully arrested by The Avengers, she was quickly released when Daredevil forced the Stromwyns to use their connections to do so.


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