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Bullet was created by John Romita Jr and Ann Nocenti in 1988 and first appeared in Daredevil # 250.

Bullet is the father of Lance.

Story Arcs

Lone Stranger: Cremains

For more information see: Lone Stranger

Bullet come home to find Daredevil talking to Lance. Thinking that Daredevil is there to hurt his son, Bullet attacks the hero. The pair fight until Lance fires a single shot in the air to stop them. Lance then tells his father that Daredevil saved his life and Daredevil did come to kill Bullet but he changed his mind. Bullet understands and tells Daredevil that he tried to kill him at the Anti-Nuke Parade as part of a job and it was all business. He goes on to say any friend of Lance is okay in his book.

Sex & Violence

Bullet appears as a member of the Assassins Guild when Belladonna calls upon all her specialist in the United States to drop their other assignments to come after Wolverine and Domino. Bullet was in San Francisco where he just killed a number of guys inside an alley when he receives the phone call. Bullet arrives in New Orleans and meets up with fellow members of the Guild including Boomerang, Black Mamba, Razorfist and Nakh. A meeting takes place at the headquarters of the Assassins Guild where Belladonna tells her assassins to kill Wolverine and Domino when they refuse to return the money that was stolen from them. The fight is interrupted when several members of the Hand hold Wolverine and Domino hostage. It turns out that the Hand ninjas were X-Force in disguise and they came to rescue the Wolverine and Domino. Bullet rushes towards Warpath but the mutant powerhouse evades the attack and stabs Bullet in the chest.


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