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In this RPG, you are the leader of an army of soldiers of your liking; either a "Dark Skeleton" army; a "Human Warrior" army; or a "Sunlight Peace Keeping Warrior" army. You have your powers, and your army has their weapons, which I will announce in a few minutes. You can start by creating your hideout and training your army, or you can start an attack now.


Human Warriors: They are the good guys, the ones who want don't want to stop war but want to kick some behinds and have fun. They wield swords, bows and arrows.

Sunlight Peace Keeping Warriors: They want to stop war, these men are inbetween and will always get into a war and try to stop it before anyone gets hurt. They ride in fire breathing dragons, and have no weapons other then their fate and fists.

Drak Skeleton Army: They're evil, nasty and they are the living dead. An army of skeletons who live only because they are cursed to age, but not die. They wield axes and ride on black stallions, some even have the ability to control tigers and lions to attack.

Normal Rules Apply. OoC Coming soon.

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Can I be Dio?