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The Anti-Life Equation has infected Gotham City, turning friend, foe and family into mindless slaves of Darkseid, and the might of the Spear of Destiny has left The Spectre powerless. Can The Question find the answer to restoring hope inside the one being capable of saving the world?

The issue begins with Mercy retelling what god gave all of us, the choice to sin an the choice not to. Those who sinned were cast away and those who didn't were saved. Then she comes to her senses as the Anti-Life controlled citizens of Gotham slam onto the three heroes. Spectre,and Mercy huddled together in a force field created by the Spectre. As Mercy tells how she died Sister Clarice she attempts to calm the citizens, yet to no avail. She comments that it should have worked and Spectre tells her it happened to him when he confronted Libra that its God's idea of a joke. Mercy barks at Spectre telling him that God doesn't joke with life. Commenting to herself that she speaks to him with authority she does not feel.

Outside the Question tries to defend herself from Batwoman. The woman she once loved under the control of Darkseids Anti-Life equation, Batwoman continues to beat the life out of Question. Question tries to beg an reason with Kate(Batwoman) but to no avail, she strikes Question down slamming her fist into her back. The pain is almost too much for Question. All the time Mercy can feel the pain from Question, and soon the fight is stopped with Spectre screaming "ENOUGH!" as he blasts Batwoman. Spectre believes if god wont allow him to restore Kate then she shall be ended by his hands. Question jumps in front of Batwoman telling him that she cant control the evil she is committing that she is under control of the Anti-Life, Spectre comments thats even worse. Mercy does not want to see anymore bloodshed and she teleports Question,Spectre and herself out of the area for the safety of them an the ones around them.

Cain and his followers continue their trek towards Spectre, Cain stops and comments on the work he has done already that his father would be proud. His followers commenting on what he has already done, he tells them that its almost over that this is nothing that awaits once he is revenged upon god.

Back with Spectre an company he comments that this is what God wanted. That he has abandoned them, leaving them powerless to do anything against what they are fighting against. Soon the Questions wounds become too much for her an Spectre points out the damage, soon afterward Mercy places her hand on Question and heals her. Spectre then grows angered that god allows Mercy to heal Question while his power is bit by bit whittling away, that he was unable to stop Libra because god wouldn't allow it. That why was she spared and not his brother Jake.

Soon more people come to the church they are in looking for help, as Question helps them in Mercy in her human form gasps in surprise. Spectre now in human form comments that the people outside who are being controlled are stopped cause they are protected, but Mercy interjects saying that they are waiting. Spectre asks waiting for what ?. Question tells them both she already told them, it was all in the Crime bible. The people are waiting for Cain that he has the spear and is coming for Spectre. Mercy continues with what Question was saying, telling Spectre that Cain is after him because he was the one who took him down that Cain is coming back for revenge....revenge upon god by killing Spectre. Mercy finally seeing something is up with their powers pointing out three men in the church asking if Spectre feels anything if god is pointing them out, when Spectre says no she tells him that they were the three that killed her. She walks up to them turning into Mercy asking if they remember her to look at what they did to her. They plead to her telling her sorry and asking for forgiveness, she replies "I don't know how to." then Questions gaze turns to the door as she tells them "HE'S HERE".

Cain is outside goading Spectre to come out an stop being a coward, to come out an fight him. Surrounded by his people who worship him along with the ones controlled by the Anti-Life. Soon Spectre does as he is asked an comes out fists swinging, Cain laughs at his attempts at fighting telling him he is using his fists when he has great power at his disposal. That Spectre knows nothing of vengeance and gouging out Spectre's eye out, as Spectre writhes in pain Cain tells him "I birthed murder...allow me to demonstrate." And plunges the Spear of Destiny into Spectre.


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A Real Sense Of Crisis 0

 The Question, Mercy and The Spectre are hold up in a church. They all begin to question their Faith, as the newly awakened Cain ( Vandall Savage ) rampages through Gotham. It has been my opinion that this is the title to go to if you really wanted A real sense of a world crisis. This issue just adds to that belief. As a matter of fact the suspense has been raised to an amazing level in this book.  Even though it seems the book is almost entirely a debate on God, it is done with such a horrific ...

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