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    The wooden dummy known as Scarface "rules" over much of Gotham City's underworld in conjunction with his "underling", the Ventriloquist. Though most have accepted Scarface to merely be a conduit for the Ventriloquist's alternate personality, many signs have hinted that the dummy is in fact alive.

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    The origin of Scarface (and the first Ventriloquist) was revealed many years after their first appearance. Don Scarelli ruled Gotham's crminal underworld until the Falcones came into power. Scarelli was eventually convicted for his crimes and sentenced to death. Scarelli was hung on the Gallows Tree at Blackgate Penitentiary. Scarelli's remaining lieutenants had heard a rumor that Scarelli had hid his entire fortune somewhere in Gotham but he never passed on the location of his secret safe. It wasn't until later that the Riddler heard about Scarelli's fabled fortune and took it upon himself to find Scarelli's secret vault. Riddler tracked down all of Scarelli's former holdings in real estate and orchestrated the Riddle Factory game show as a distraction while his men searched each area for the vault. Unfortunately, Riddler came no closer to finding Scarelli's vault like so many others before him.

    As for Scarelli's spirit, it lingered in the hallowed bark of the Gallows Tree until it was struck down by lightening. Scarface's first owner was a man named Donnegan who was an inmate in Blackgate Penitentiary. Donnegan carved Scarface out of what remained of the Gallows Tree. Donnegan entered the Prison Talent Show with the dummy, which he called "Woody" (even though Scarface "Hated" that name) and "accidentally" mentioned his escape plan during his act, and did not plan to go through with it afterward. Donnegan's new cellmate Arnold Wesker held a deep fascination in the Puppet, but was beaten severely every time he went near it, or even looked at it.

    Wesker planned to hang himself in his cell, but was stopped by the dummy. Donnegan was fast asleep when it spoke to Wesker, telling him to escape through Donnegan's tunnel. However, their conversation woke Donnegan who attacked Wesker with a corkscrew. The makesshift weapon hit the dummy instead creating the 'Scar'. Goaded by the dummy, Wesker managed to defeat Donnegan and was spurred on to hang him instead (disguising the brawl as a suicide). Despite Donnegan's death the dummy could still talk and told Wesker to hang the body with a noose he made to make it look like a suicide. Continuing to listen to the dummy, Wesker managed to escape Blackgate, killing several guards on the way.

    The next day, Wesker & the dummy adopted new identities; they became Scarface and the Ventriloquist.


    Scarface was first shown in the two-part story that featured in Detective Comics #583 & 584 in which he was responsible for the sale of a highly addictive drug named "Fever" to children. He had a hideout called the Ventriloquist Club, similar to Penguin's Iceberg Lounge as it had the public façade of a restaurant. Fever was sold to kids through a metal door until Batman set a trap by placing a small bomb on the door. The door men confessed that they were working for Scarface and where his hideout was. Batman attacks Scarface and Ventriloquist during dinner, during the skirmish Scarface's head comes off his body. Batman places a small microphone and homing device on it enabling him to discover that Scarface was bringing his drugs in through the body of a very fat, dead man who was being brought to the Gotham morgue. Batman stopped them before they could retrieve the drugs and took Scarface to jail.

    Scarface's next scheme was to bring a large shipment of armor piercing rounds into Gotham. It was at this point that Scarface came to know Matches Malone. Malone had been accused of being a squealer on more than one occasion but he proved his worth when the Batman began to interrogate him for information at a local bar. Malone responded to Batman's threats by spitting in his face. Batman reacts by tossing Malone out a plate glass window. The Batman delivers his final ultimatum to the remaining patrons in the bar by saying he had better not hear about any cops being gunned down in Gotham or he will be back.

    As for Malone, he is picked up and brushed off by Scarface's muscle man Rhino. Rhino introduces Malone to Scarface who was impressed by Malone's resilience to stand up to the Batman. Scarface tells Malone that he is responsible for the shipment of armor piercing rounds. Scarface gives Malone the opportunity to make sure the transaction goes smoothly and in return for his services, Malone gets ten grand for compensation. Malone accepts Scarface's offer and Scarface tells Malone to be at the Tri-Corner Rail Yards around midnight. Unbeknownst to anyone, Batman overhears the entire conversation between Malone and Scarface.

    Batman tails Malone to the Tri-Corner Rail Yards and discovers that Scarface is shipping the armor piercing rounds to Metropolis and the buyers are members of Intergang. Batman springs into action by dropping a smoke pellet but Malone and Scarface escape on the train heading toward Metropolis. Batman makes quick work of Scarface's men until Rhino charges in. Batman immobilizes Rhino by shooting Rhino's foot with his grappling gun. Afterwards, Batman catches up with the train to Metropolis. In a fit of rage, Scarface figures Malone is every bit the squealer that everyone says he is. Scarface then empties his tommy gun into Malone's chest.

    Major Story Arcs

    A Court of Owls

    For more information see : A Court of Owls

    While Batman investigates Dan Matthews, a guard at Arkham Asylum who maybe on the take, Dan in a desperate attempt to get away, opens several of the inmates cells. Scareface is one of those inmates seen attacking the Batman before the Joker appears to come to Batman's aide and the pair work together to beat back the group of rampaging inmates.

    Other Media


    Batman & Robin

    In the Batman and Robin movie, Scareface, along with Fiddler's violin and Magpie`s TNT are seen in the supply room in Arkham Asylum.

    Video Games

    Arkham Asylum

    Scarface can be seen in the armory of Arkham Aslyum, along with Catwomans whip and goggles.

    Arkham City

    In the Harley Quinns Revenge DLC, Scareface can be seen in a crib, surrounded by negative pregnancy tests.


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