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    Earth 2 » Earth 2 #7 - Heaven Sent released by DC Comics on February 2013.

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    Earth 2 #7 - Review

    So far, Earth 2 has been fairly enjoyable, although the last arc, which, as you may know, involved Grundy had a rushed ending. Unfortunately, this issue is quite the opposite. The pacing is very slow, and it serves as a prologue to the upcoming storyline. The plot is, in fact, interesting, although the book still doesn't contain what I'd call a superhero team. In this issue, for example, we got a brief look at Alan Scott and Hawkgirl, although Flash didn't make an appearance, and I was displeased with that as he is certainly, in my opinion, one of the most interesting characters in the series. And we finally see a bit more of the Hawkgirl wonder and who's behind the mask, although it may still leave you with questions. As I mentioned that, I must clarify that this issue may be a bit confusing, and, as I said before, may leave you with more questions than answers. I also didn't really understand the reason for Hawkgirl's actions. First, she is trying to convince GL to make up a team. As he disagrees, she attacks Alan. And when I say attack I mean "shoot a photograph of his boyfriend". That cleared up, you should be notified that the cover is a lie. Both wonders don't fight here. In fact, as I said before, they barely make an appearance.

    Earth 2 #7 has fairly boring dialogue between Sloane and Amir Kahn throughout most of the issue, and, needless to say, it won't keep you intrigued. I am actually sad to say this, but, unfortunately, while I was reading this, I just wanted the issue to end and go read some Animal Man or Swamp Thing. The best parts were the appearances of the Sandmen, who acted like spies, and I wanted to see some more of the agents and their brief fight with Mr. Terrific.

    The art is pretty good. It mean, it's great, but it isn't a masterpiece. The problem (some will probably not agree with me) is in the coloring, and not the pencilling. The work on the pencils is very detailed and consistent, while the coloring may be a bit exaggerated and costumes just look way too shiny. But, honestly, the artwork here isn't a problem.

    Overall, this is a skippable issue. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't good either. Earth 2 has a lot more potential than what is shown here, and, as this served as a prologue, I look forward to the next arc which may involve Steppenwolf. I say this gets a 5/10.

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