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Charlie Gilmour believes himself to be dreaming as Abonsam and Bet Jo'gie bring him into the presence of Fenris the Wolf, but than he gets that feeling not unlike when he comes off his meds, a sharp feeling, a feeling that signifies his perception of fiction and reality is shattered. His two "captors" leave the room and he is left alone with The Wolf who has just partaken on a meal of flesh and as such offers Charlie some of his dinner. Charlie fails to resist Fenris, and by eating that flesh becomes more than mad, and more than man...the meat tastes of clove oil, until suddenly it bursts forth with a new identity in Charlie's mind, Charlie has become the Wolf!

Fenris than seems to take advantage of this temporary delusional mindset and begins to explain to the madman, just exactly what it is he will be doing for the three harbingers of destruction. With the opened palm of his hand, Fenris displays a miniature depiction of Yggdrasil, explaining to him that it was thanks to Abonsam that Charlie saw the tree in his dreams. Fenris than asks Charlie if he knows the way to get to the tree both of them seek and Charlie says, "No." The Wolf begins to explain this all to Charlie, without hesitation of course, saying the way to get there is to lose yourself. Throughout this conversation, Fenris continues to belittle Charlie's sanity by calling him a madman and murderer, until he finally says that Charlie's madness will be key in getting to The World Tree.

That is when Fenris elaborates on this "losing of one's self" saying that the journey is a subtraction, the farther you go, the more you lose, whether that be body parts or memories, but you lose part of who and what you are by making the journey. Of course Fenris won't have to lose anything because Charlie is his chariot to Yggdrasil, which explains why he is so important. Charlie however still does not seem to grasp exactly why it was he that was chosen, but The Wolf tells him that Charlie's disease made him better-suited for such a task, and besides, Charlie will receive a reward for all of his pain...he will get to see his wife and child.

It seems that is enough for Charlie as when we next see him he is now circled by Fenris, Abonsam and Bet, he is at last ready to begin the journey. Closing his eyes, he lets their whispers fill his mind, letting their words wash over them exactly what they want. They tell him he must yearn to go to the World Tree, which is why Bet uses Sarah's voice to call Charlie to the Tree whilst The Trickster says Charlie must break apart his mind and soul, than cast it away from himself. Upon hearing these words, things seem to stop, Charlie's strain reaches its peak as a sound of pain rips itself from his throat. Opening his eyes, he finds that the house has become broken pieces which slowly begin to fall away as their replaced with an endless expanse of white oblivion. Charlie continues to concentrate on the face of his wife, allowing it to both guide him, and break him.

Charlie's memories begin to pour out of himself in abundance with every step he takes, but he never slows or stops, just keeps walking, letting the journey ravage him. While all this is going on he does notice one peculiarity, three angels, one bleeding power, another will, and the third something from her eyes...but he only pauses for a moment and than returns to the task at hand until they fade back into oblivion. Memories fill his mind, but he loses each of them, one by one, playing poker with his friends, making love to his wife, playing with his son, listening to music, the doctor officially declaring him sick, he loses all of it.

Finally the madman stands at the base of The World Tree, his right arm completely missing, with only an open wound that makes it appear his arm was ripped off to show for it. The place is shrouded in a mist but slowly it dissolves into nothing, revealing the ominous forms of the three gods standing behind Charlie. At that point Charlie is complimented on his fine work but he seems to snap at that point, raving frantically, demanding he see his wife and child, he no longer remembers their names but he knows they were promised to him and he wants them. Abonsam does his best to calm down the madman, removing a bag from his shoulders that he says holds the key to the fulfillment of the promise made to Charlie.

However, Charlie's panic attack seems to have no end in sight as he continues to repeat that what he was promised has not happened but Fenris assures him the promise will be kept. Obviously, the three are not so patient with Charlie's mental challenges and he fades into obscurity for a short while as they talk amongst themselves but at last Abonsam pulls two bodies from out his bag, and they are revealed to be the unconscious forms of both Sarah and Charlie, for Charlie never killed them, he killed clay dolls Abonsam created that merely believed themselves to be alive. Charlie finally asks, "Why do I love them so much? Who are they?" When he is told, he thanks them for saving his family but The Wolf tells him he need not thank them yet for he has helped them too, and the scales are almost even but first there is one more thing Fenris needs from Charlie.

At the roots of Yggdrasil, Charlie Gilmour stands, sword thrust into his only remaining hand, thoughts race through his head as he stares upon the wife and son he thought were dead. Fenris whispers into his ear, to kill them, just as he had nearly done before, Charlie is confused and wonders why he must do this. Fenris explains that the slaughtering of kin is Fyrir Haft, "the first and worst of all crimes, the breach through which nature bleeds." The Wolf continues to coax Charlie, ordering him to slaughter his family, being sure to spray their blood upon the roots of the tree so that the end of creation will be assured.

The Trickster interrupts Fenris, so The Wolf turns from Yggdrasil and without looking back he speaks to Bet Jo'gie, ordering her to convince Charlie to slay his family, no matter what it means for her. Bet Jo'gie than returns her attention to the one-armed Charlie, clasping his fingers around the hilt of the sword, as the two stand beside Sarah and Bobby, motionless as they rest in the roots of the tree, she speaks to him, "Come on, sweetheart. You've got work to do." At the tree, Bet Jo'gie continues to try and seduce the one-armed Charlie as he holds tightly to the sword, by asking him if he thinks her beautiful, if he wants her.

A frightened Charlie tells her to back away from him or he swears that he shall kill her. She replies undaunted, a smile still planted upon her visage as she tells him that with the sword he holds, he just may be able to, but that is of no matter, what she tells him that he needs to do is breathe in. Breathe in and taste the heat, the love that she feels for him, for she is Bet Jo'gie Etta Hi Ee, the goddess both beautiful and terrible. Charlie begins to lose it and as he says to himself over and over, "Oh god. Oh god." She whispers into his ear..."Kill your wife and your son -- and their bodies will be the bed we couple on."

Charlie's thoughts than become the narration of the event, telling the tale in flashback form, of how once upon a time he was sick, really sick, sick enough to need medication, for he would get extremely confused, no longer knowing what was inside his head and what was out, and that feeling, that was the way he felt at that moment, holding the sword, as Bet used her charm upon him. Looking down upon his beautiful wife Sarah he loved her but taking a breath brought him more of her and he did stiffen with need, a lust. Playfully she smiles as she speaks, "Up to the hilt, Charlie. All the way in, smooth as silk. Won't that feel good? Won't that feel right?" A smile of pleasure widens upon his face as he gleefully shouts, "Oh yes! God yes!"

Bet Jo'gie however is distracted from her efforts when she becomes entranced by the display as Michael releases his power at point-blank rage on his brother and exclaims at the beauty of the event. Charlie however continues muttering to himself, her back turned to him as he tries to tell himself that none of what is happening is real. Finally his expression hardens and he speaks, "...but just in case." And with those words he uses his left arm to thrust the giant sword through Bet's midsection so that it protrudes from her stomach, bathed in blood. Her eyes show the shock she feels, than a madness sweeps over Charlie as he violently begins tearing the goddess to shreds, until himself, the sword, the soil, the nearby roots of the tree and the dismembered pieces of her body are soaked in her blood.

At that moment Michael and Lucifer crash through the upper branches of Yggdrasil, snapping them as they continue their descent, both of them weak and on the verge of death, drawing the attention of the still shocked Charlie. Suddenly he is pulled out of this as he hears a voice call his name, asking him what is going on, he turns to see who is speaking and it is none other than his wife Sarah, holding their frightened son tight to her chest. Charlie does his best to calm her, telling her that it is only a dream, a bad dream they are all sharing...but this calm does not last as Fenris arrives saying that what Charlie says is the pity, for the bad dream they are having is that of their lives and when they wake it shall be to nothing.

Fenris continues his approach, the blade used to kill Bet held firmly in his hand as he gives his speech, his speech of how the trees roots have been giving the blood they need, for brother slaying brother is still Fyrir Haft, and the end of creation is still imminent. Charlie, ever the fool, stands in the way of The Wolf, telling him that he shall not harm Charlie's family. But Fenris has no care for the family any longer, they have become irrelevant, however seeing as Charlie is what brought Fenris to Yggdrasil, he is also what holds him there. But with a single swipe of the sword, Charlie is beheaded and Sarah in tears, but before The Wolf does depart he shares his little bit of wisdom with the wife of the slain. "Do not mourn him, woman. In this time of endings, he is merely gone a little way before."

As for Charlie's fate, he found himself no longer within the world he was, for as he reached out for his family instead his grasped red-brown dust. A dust drier than any dust could ever be, kneeling in this dust, unclothed he wanted to exclaim that he was not finished, that he needed to ensure his family's safety, but it was not to be. Instead a demon appeared, speaking unto him that it is no longer a time for regrets, that now he is no longer one of the living. The demon delivers him the message his master ordered him to give to all of the Damned. "Welcome to your death -- and our army." With that the demon waves his arm as if to bring attention to the masses standing silently behind himself in the sands of Effrul.


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