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Having "safely" delivered Fenris his madman, Bet Jo'gie and Abonsam retreat to a different room in the rundown hovel that The Wolf was waiting for them in. When the two of them are alone Abonsam begins cutting his flesh in a pattern of sorts, blood flowing down his body. Bet inquires about the scars as they feed her curiosity and he responds, telling her that he is The Trickster and that he will die soon, but that in death his final trick shall be performed. So now he mocks that death by dressing himself in blood, Bet seems turned on at this, or perhaps she was yearning for sexual contact all along for when he finishes his speech she smiles and says, "Let's fuck."

Sometime later, Fenris calls his servants to him and they all gather around Charlie Gilmour, who has his eyes shut tight, listening to the whispers of the three as they explain to him how he must make the journey to Yggdrasil, Bet throws in an imitation of his wife's voice as a form of "encouragement" as seeing her again is his prize after all is said and done. At last Charlie truly begins the journey to The World Tree and although Bet, Abonsam and Fenris are unseen, it is clear they follow closely behind him, riding him, for he is their chariot. Now, Fenris preps Charlie for his final favor to them...

At the roots of Yggdrasil, Charlie Gilmour stands, sword thrust into his only remaining hand, thoughts race through his head as he stares upon the wife and son he thought were dead. Fenris whispers into his ear, to kill them, just as he had nearly done before, Charlie is confused and wonders why he must do this. Fenris explains that the slaughtering of kin is Fyrir Haft, "the first and worst of all crimes, the breach through which nature bleeds." The Wolf continues to coax Charlie, ordering him to slaughter his family, being sure to spray their blood upon the roots of the tree so that the end of creation will be assured. The Trickster interrupts Fenris and after a short conversation The Wolf turns from Yggdrasil, without looking back he speaks to Bet Jo'gie, ordering her to convince Charlie to slay his family, no matter what it means for her. Bet Jo'gie than returns her attention to the one-armed Charlie, clasping his fingers around the hilt of the sword, as the two stand beside Sarah and Bobby, motionless as they rest in the roots of the tree, she speaks to him, "Come on, sweetheart. You've got work to do."

Bet Jo'gie continues to try and seduce the one-armed Charlie as he holds tightly to the sword, by asking him if he thinks her beautiful, if he wants her. A frightened Charlie tells her to back away from him or he swears that he shall kill her. She replies undaunted, a smile still planted upon her visage as she tells him that with the sword he holds, he just may be able to, but that is of no matter, what she tells him that he needs to do is breathe in. Breathe in and taste the heat, the love that she feels for him, for she is Bet Jo'gie Etta Hi Ee, the goddess both beautiful and terrible. Charlie begins to lose it and as he says to himself over and over, "Oh god. Oh god." She whispers into his ear..."Kill your wife and your son -- and their bodies will be the bed we couple on."

Charlie's beings telling how once upon a time he was sick, really sick, sick enough to need medication, for he would get extremely confused, no longer knowing what was inside his head and what was out, and that feeling, that was the way he felt at that moment, holding the sword, as Bet used her charm upon him. Looking down upon his beautiful wife Sarah he loved her but taking a breath brought him more of her and he did stiffen with need, a lust. Playfully she smiles as she speaks, "Up to the hilt, Charlie. All the way in, smooth as silk. Won't that feel good? Won't that feel right?" A smile of pleasure widens upon his face as he gleefully shouts, "Oh yes! God yes!"

Bet Jo'gie suddenly finds herself entranced by the display as Michael releases his power at point-blank rage on his brother and exclaims at the beauty of the event. Charlie however continues muttering to himself, her back turned to him as he tries to tell himself that none of what is happening is real. Finally his expression hardens and he speaks, "...but just in case." And with those words he uses his left arm to thrust the giant sword through Bet's midsection so that it protrudes from her stomach, bathed in blood. Her eyes show the shock she feels, than a madness sweeps over Charlie as he violently begins tearing the goddess to shreds, until himself, the sword, the soil, the nearby roots of the tree and the dismembered pieces of her body are soaked in her blood.


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