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Never called anything but Bulls Eye by his grandfather Deadeye Dick because even as a child he showed remarkable skill with guns, knifes and arrows, never missing anything he aimed at. They were the only two survivors of the town of Dead Center which has been wiped out by renegade chief Yellow Snake. Dick escaping only by clutching his grandson to his chest and riding straight though the war-party.

Retuning to find Dead Center a ghost town Deadeye Dick raised Bulls Eye there until years later he rode out seeking revenge in an unsuccessful attempt against Yellow Snake.

Knowing what had happened Bulls Eye followed his grandfather and challenged Yellow Snake, firing at the same time Bulls Eye was quicker and his bullet traveled up the rifle barrel of Yellow Snake causing it to explode in his face.

Overpowered by the enraged Yellow Snake he was about to be killed by him when his warriors stopped him saying that what had happened was a sign from the Great Spirit.

Instead he had a target branded on Bulls Eye’s chest so he would recognize him when he grew enough for him to “drive a spear though its center.”

Thinking it best to leave Dead Center Bulls Eye came on a peddler being attacked by highway robbers, coming to his rescue Bulls Eye took out all of the bandits, unfortunately during the fight the peddler was also killed The law, misinterpreting this, branded Bullseye an outlaw.

So to hide his identity Bulls Eye took over the territory of the peddler, calling himself Panhandle Pete, however when locals found themselves in trouble “Pete” would done a mask, put a feather in his hat, unbutton his shirt to expose his target and ride out on his horse Buckshot as Bulls Eye. 

Simon & Kirby’s last hero together

Created by the famous team of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, the pair that gave the world Captain America and the Romance Comic, among other things Bulls Eye was one of four comics that was part of Simon & Kirby’s short lived Mainline Publishing which also published Foxhole, Police Trap, In Love, none of which went beyond 4 issues.

Bulls Eye however made it to five issues and after Mainline went under was bought by Charlton Comics which only used him for a very short while.


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