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On hearing the brutal pronouncements of current heavy boxing champion Tiger Tyrone collage professor Dennis Brannigan decides to test his scientific pugilistic theory and becomes a boxer himself.

It soon becomes clear that Tiger has won his fights though cheating and the add of gangsters, so Professor Brannigan also takes on them, in the end both criminals and Tiger are defeated by Brannigan, who after winning the title fight against Tiger is given the nickname Boom Boom Brannigan, the Pounding Professor.

Boom Boom then announces that he will both continue in his post as a professor at collage, and as the new heavy weight champion of the world.

Along with facing an array of odd opponents in the ring such as a shaved gorilla disguised as a human, a mind reader, a master of savate (foot boxing), a boxer who sold his soul to the devil, and a giant kangaroo, Boom Boom also deals with gangsters, zombies and other malcontents outside the ring.  

He is aided in his career in the ring by his manager Character.  


While his first two appearances are by an unknown writer and artist his strip is soon taken over by Charles Voight who handles the character for the rest of his run. 

After Comics

While only running around 20 issues, and soon forgotten and never reprinted or revived the name Boom Boom Brannigan had a second life in the late 50s and 60s via pioneering radio Rock DJ Joseph Motto, who took the name of the Pounding Professor as his on air name. Showing that just because everybody doesn’t love a character, doesn’t mean he or she won’t be remember by a few fans.    


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