Aquaman 43

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So yeah. I don't know about you guys but story wise, I am now COMPLETELY on board.

Granted, he's borrowed some elements from PAD's run in the 90's but its definitely an avenue of story I support. Aquaman should have more dealings with Poseidon in general.

And Siren is back!

Now if only we could fix the art lol...

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The art is still a main problem for me.

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I liked the idea of getting the artist from the Convergence title you had.

Story wise I'm onboard I already felt that this wasn't Mera but the confirmation is nice. I might be the only one but I like the Poseidon power and the new Trident hope it sticks atleast for awhile. I'm also hoping to see more Garth and it would be cool if he joined The Drift. Not to mention Orm will be appearing soon which is cool which also questions if Nereus and Siren are working together.

Alot of story elements.

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