New Readers

  • Aquaman (Volume 5 #1-46) - Although after the launch of The New 52 series the character has been completely revamped, Peter David's Aquaman is an epic saga that expanded nearly a decade with him working on the character as a main writer. He established a long-term character that would completely redefine Aquaman for the new generation and is one of Aquaman's greatest era.

  • Justice League: Origin: This is The New 52 series of the original JLA members with a new origin story depicting Aquaman's early years with the Justice League.
  • Aquaman: The Trench - This is the beginning of Geoff Johns' run with the character, published as part of The New 52 series. Having recently abandoned Atlantis to live on the surface world, he struggles to deal with the human life. He also finds out there's more in the water than he knows and finds himself fighting off a race of carnivorous bottom-dwellers known as the Trench.

  • Aquaman: The Others - Here, we are introduced to a team known as The Others - a team that Arthur had led during his early days as a crime-fighter. This issue also explores the hatred between Aquaman and his greatest foe: Black Manta
  • Throne of Atlantis - This is a crossover between Geoff Johns' Aquaman and Justice League books, which sees the League battle the forces of Atlantis.
  • Everything New 52, written by Geoff Johns - Revamp of a new and improved Aquaman, one that we believed to be the true Aquaman, King of Atlantis and one of the strongest from the Justice League.

Must Read

  • Aquaman: American Tidal - This consists of the story arc, Sub Diego where one of California's largest cities, San Diego is half-submerged underwater caused by a massive quake and Aquaman tries to help them find a way adapt. More than four-thousand people are killed in the disaster, however, thousands of people spontaneously develop the ability to breathe underwater. This story arc also contains one of Aquaman's greatest feats.
  • Aquaman: Death of a Prince - The story featured Aquaman's exile from Atlantis and the death of his son at the hands of Black Manta, alongside Aqualad's past and many other villains appearing.
  • Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis - This follows the adventures of Arthur Joseph Curry, the successor to the original Aquaman who disappeared after the Infinite Crisis event.
  • The Atlantis Chronicles - Peter David highly underrated epic mini-series detailing the history of the Atlantean Royal Family. This takes an in-depths look at Aquaman's ancestors, it begins with the reign of King Orin and ends with his birth.

Further Reading

  • Aquaman: Time & Tide - A standalone mini-series retelling Aquaman's origin story.
  • JLA: The Obsidian Age - This is a Justice League storyline that deals with the disappearance of Atlantis during Our Worlds at War. The ancient city is transported thousands of years into the past, and the League has the rescue Aquaman's people from enslavement under Gamemnae and the League of Ancients.
  • JLA: Rock Ages - The Justice League comes face-to face against Lex Luthor's newly assembled Injustice Gang while the fate of the Earth itself hangs in the balance. Epic story arc by Grant Morrison.
  • Blackest Night - This storyline follows the events of Sinestro Corps War and the fallout of War of Light, both apart of the Green Lantern Universe. After his disappearance during One Year Later, Aquaman reappears as a Black Lantern, risen from Nekron's Black Lantern power battery.
  • Brightest Day - After Aquaman's resurrection, this story details his difficulties returning to the living and the beginning of the Aquawar (Brightest Day #19-20) involving him, Black Manta, his wife Mera, and her twin sister Siren.
  • Aquaman & The Others #1-11 - Aquaman reunites with his first team who are all in possession of different Atlantean relics which make them take on unique abilities becoming somewhat "superhuman". They are being hunted by people believing that those gold relics are their's and that an Atlantean was the one who stole it from them long ago.

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