Jumanji, Hook, and Hot Flashes

I'm not really one for blogs as you can see by my sparse entries and even fewer coherent thoughts, but I write to you about the passing of Robin Williams. I'm not one of these people with tears in my eyes or taking a personal day from work over it, but being a child of the 90's his family movie era was a huge part of my allotted TV/Movie consumption. Aladdin, Jumanji, Mrs Doubtfire, Hook... I probably burnt a hole in each movies VHS (see old technology [video tapes]). As I got older I watched some of his more serious roles like the CREEPIEST guy ever in One Hour Photo. I also discovered his stand up and raunchier movies like the Bird Cage and Aladdin 2. Entertainers come and go then fade in to obscurity, like who even remembers Anna Nicole Smith anymore aside from my right hand, but I beg of all of you to keep his comedy alive. He's one of those rare 1 in 20XX that can make you laugh no matter how you're feeling. So whether you're with your kids or at a friends house or still wondering what a VHS is...pop in one of his movies or youtube his stand up I guarantee you'll laugh even if you started watching crying.

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Ive been reading Judge Dredd for a while now. The character is great, the stories are great, and there just seems to be something more elaborate about 2000ad comics than what i get out of my favorites at DC and Marvel. Recently Ive dug into the collections of the old stories for ABC Warriors, Rogue Trooper, and Slaine. Theyre all amazing!!! these stories are far older than I and have aged incredibly well compared to most comics from their day. ABC Warriors is a little ridiculous, but the cast is fun and I cant stop reading about the stuff they get themselves into. Rogue Trooper is another interesting one. I got War Machine which is the 90s reboot of Rogue Trooper (original is on the way). The art is interesting and almost chaotic but given the atmosphere it makes sense. The story is pretty engrossing and i tore through the whole collection in record time!!!! like one sitting (no potty breaks). Finally Slaine! His book reads like a more humorous Conan and is very well done. I love the character and the black humor that runs rampant in 2000AD comics. Im really just rambling here but isnt that what a blog wants...what a blog needs.... ISNT IT?!!?

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Spiffy to the Max

SOooo I just finished Nick Fury:MAX...what a read. Ive always kind of liked the classic Nick Fury and I'm a huge fan of history and all the crazy military action/espionage that comes with it. The book starts off with a clearly defeated and disillusioned Fury recounting his past missions. From start to finish I couldnt wait to to see what happened next. Each arc is a new decade of black ops action...no not call of duty.... >:/ ........ anyway look for awesome tie ins with Frank Castle and Barracuda. The end of this book was sad and even worse implications of SADNESS!

Ive also started Star Craft 2 and im hooked. when im not at work fighting for truth, justice, and the american way im waging war against the zerg!!! NOT TODAY ZERG!

im also starting to think im the only person i know excited for pacific rim :/


The perfect way to make an omelette (without breaking eggs!)

So recently ive started reading Hitman by Garth Ennis....many will write this character off as a cheap punisher ripoff dripping with 90's. They're only half right. It was certainly the 90's. Hitman has that dark humor seen in a lot of Ennis' work, but overall the series is very lighthearted and does'nt take itself too seriously. Ch-ch-ch-check it out. I'm also disturbed by the Lack of Ambush Bug in my world...I'm a deadpool fan and i think his constantly fluxuating popularity (lets be honest he sells books whether you like him or not) [so there] proves Ambush Bug could do the same for DC if not better. Lets be honest, news reporter ant exactly the job a guy who's rolled with the JL and Doom Patrol deserves....a mini series? One shot? Animated short? something!!! I also started JL beyond, superman beyond, and batman beyond....these are all pretty well written and only 99cents! forget maclamore and buy good cheap comics. what else can i ramble about.....MY OLD REPUBLIC CHARACTER IS DEAD!!! i left the game forever ago....came back and had to start all over.....the horror..the horror...I cant believe young justice was cancelled....BEST DANG CARTOON...goodbye 2nd childhood.... also if my 1 roommate doesnt stop watching teen mom all the time SHE'S A DEAD MAN!!!

salt for now. will i finally clean the bathroom? vacuum my room? trim the "hedges"?!!! TUNE IN NEXT WEEK!

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So since i got my new job ive got quite the 1/6th scale collection. i plan to put up photos here eventually. Ive got WW2 captain america, exclusive colors war machine, and dc directs comedian. cant wait to get them all set up. Seems like a kinda mismatched outfit. anyway thats rando update for today.

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Warlord of Mars

holy crap pleasantly surprised by John Carter. the film was highly entertaining and had enough action to keep an a guy who's favorite movies all involve arnold or stallone glued to the screen. there was a surprising amount of violence and bad-assery. humor was fun too. i look forward to a sequel and hopefully a third. they set up an amazing world. THE DIRECTOR WROTE TOY STORY 1-3 DAMMIT! WATCH IT

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Weekend Report

lets see.. started reading American Vampire and im addicted. I love Skinner Sweet and how crazy that man is. That boy ant right peggy. Bought the new TMNT and its pretty good. Thinking about getting into the boys. Ive heard pretty mixed things about it, but i like ennis so ill probably dive in. Just uploaded a new pic my gf calls eharm cuz i look like some weirdo on a dating site. EL OH EL ... >:( you dont shower one morning and suddenly you're a nutter! ive rediscovored my love of Beck and his crazy music like stuff. I also rediscovered chef boy ar deeeee!!!! HELL YES!

p.s. there's robots!!!

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Economic BOOM!!!

time to live the dream soon! few months left till cad. should be saving but i keep splurging on comics and stuff. mostly stuff. bought revan and palpatine mighty muggs. soon as im making the big bucks an e/fx lightsaber is in my future. too many comics to read. just started ultimates (yea i know its late), invincible ultimate col. vol 2, gunna start hellboy and BPRD, flash, red hood and the outlaws, venom, uncanny x force, and much much more. call now! I really wish 616 cap was like Ult. Cap. Ult is a lot tougher. HE IS AMERICA! lot funnier in how he handles things too. its pretty late and im gettin off topic.... v-day coming up and i havnt gotten the gf anything.... i know she got me a ton and im running out of time!!!!! wheres a delorean when you need it?

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Why Deadpool's Death is a GEWD thing.

So Deadpool is one of my all time favorite Marvel characters and he has had some amazing runs (Cable and Deadpool FTW). His popularity grew as did his detractors, but you couldn't deny his selling ability. He was showing up everywhere on comic covers to books he probably shouldn't be in. His over saturation really took down the quality of his character and his series. He had more ongoing titles than new 52 Batman. These titles led to real confusion on his ability (he can fight the Hulk one day, and loose to any rando the next?). Things really got out of hand with his mental state...Deadpool is crazy and we like him crazy, but the humor was trying too hard. way too hard. Pool-o-Vision being the most blatantly bad attempt. Then having up to four voices in your head makes things ridiculous and forces jokes that are just not there.

However, in Uncanny X-Force, Remender has the ideal Deadpool. He is crazy, funny, skilled, conflicted, and most of all not annoying. Well not to the reader anyway. Unless you have no soul. Deadpool's upcoming death will be a blow to X-Force, but allow another line up change that i'm sure will be awesome. Anyway, his death will allow fans and not fans to take a breath and miss the character. The saturation stops and who knows maybe his return will get a big name (Remender PLEASE!!!). The point is that he's become tired and rather than run the character fully into the ground, they're allowing a graceful and hopefully honor bound way out. I will miss him, but he wont be gone long not like he's Ben Reilly (seriously are they trying to break Jason Todd's record?).

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