Put that cookie down! NOW!

Oh man i do not make enough to support this habbit. I started X Force with Vol. 1 and it is awesome. Madrox and Strong Guy ftw. anyway Probably not going forward with the new Moon Knight though im a little interested to see how it develops. I felt bad about dropping one of my favorite characters, Deadpool, so i started getting his trades again. Im waiting for volume 2 of Venom cuz it is incredible and Uncanny X Force is my favorite comic of all time. theres still DC trades im guna have to get Red Hood and the Outlaws and all the Batfamily stuff. Action Comics Superman.. dont even mention video games..

i might have to start walking the streets. anyway gotta go to the bank, get food, waste the day, go to the gym. ITS TURBO TIME


level up!

So many levels! level 15! who hoo! theres so much to look forward to in comics. new Scarlet Spider, more venom, more uncanny x force, new Secret Avengers!!! now normally i have to wait around for amazon to get the trades well it was my only option since just about every book store in a reasonable distance shutdown at once....BUT a friend of mine discovered a comic shop not too far away!

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So today is the eve of christmas and i couldnt be more excited about seeing my niece open presents for the first time :) she's the cutest thing in the world and my god-daughter :) ill post a pick or 2 because she's the best. ever. forget every baby you know. they suck. anyway, for those not celebrating christmas happy holidays to you! i forgot why i started blogging... get off my lawn!

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Breaking Bad again... my upcoming overnight shift is looming over me! The pressure!!!! I have this monster shift then nothing till weds. annnd then vacation till the 3rd. It will be glorious. Old republic is consuming my life. What's more consuming is my unending quest to find those obscure wikis to fill! ILL NEVER STOP! I hope I dont get skyrim for christmas cuz I will never see the light of day again. Skipped the gym again and feeling more lazy every day. Next week right? Running out of stuff to blog and the will to do it. I dunno how people tweet their life and blog about nothing all day. Tiresome work indeed. Now to make my sith legendary...wait for it..dary!

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Calendar Man

Today was my sister's b-day and fun was had by all! ALL! My niece is growing like a weed and gets cuter every day. Every...wait for it...day. It was also my literal half birthday and the first day of Hanukkah so happy Hanukkah for anyone Jewish that stumbles onto my page. In other news I'm getting a cavity that will be dealt with using extreme dentistry. need sleep. Sooooo much old republic so little sleep. Work 4-12 then 11pm to 8am the next day...yes on the eve of christmas!!! anyway goodnight. my kitchen is messy yall

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working for the..no i work that weekend...

Work was fun filled and desolate after 9 30 as always. A good 5,000 under last years profits for the day. Loosing money is our business and business is good...maybe too good... Woke up at nine am to my friend blowing up my phone so we could acquire the old republic... and then it was Adventure time! 3rd day in a row i skipped the gym. not a good trend. Food network isnt helping (im a renaissance man!). I still have age of x to read and skyward sword to beat. im starting think clones of michael keaton will solve all life's problems.

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Did you take my ginger ale hannah!?

Old Republic comes out tomorrow and thats when I dedicate myself to what is best in life. In other news my manager deff got a...an..oral examination in the office today. Hes a gentlemen and a scholar. I randomly came upon this video and nearly peed. Ive also been drinking seagrams ginger ale a lot for some reason and I cant wait for someone to take one. They will get a mouth full (not the sandusky way). Thank you muchly!

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Cranberry Splash

Enjoying my last victory in fantasy football (the league got me into it). As i will not be making into the Jar Jar Binks Bowl (yes there is a trophy!) I am enjoying sierra mist cranberry splash with a few friends. I can be festive and still make the drive home legally! So i started watching How I met your mother and NPH is freakin hilarious. Who would have thought Doogie Howser would be so funny? Bob Saggat narrates and no you cant hear any snorting.... Where was I going with this... I dont even know why I'm blogging when there is people. Panthers OUT!!!

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Storm Watch

I just found out storm has fans and my mind is BLOWN! Blown like a meth lab! METH! Anyway I heard that storm fans are true fanatics so I'm testing the ph levels of the storm forum or storum. This storum will prove whether or not there are FaIRY GOdpAReNtS! or storm fans. Speaking of storms I cant wait to watch the redskins eat a $h!t storm.


Age of METH!

I just started watching Breaking Bad. It is the bees knees fellas :) Having watched Malcom in the Middle for so long its odd to see Bryan Cranston becoming a hardened criminal. At times the pacing can be slowish, but there is more than enough drama/action/tom foolery to keep anybody occupied. Theres also a lot of... eccentric criminals out there. Just ordered Age of X. Aside from Uncanny X-Force I havnt been reading any X-Men. Im looking to fix that and I'll prob pick up from right after age of X. If anyone reads this let me know if theres any better starting point or better stories out there.

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