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Nothing is known about the life of the criminal known as Copperhead before he first appeared in Gotham City, confounding the police with a series of rapid-fire thefts. Using his unique uniform, the serpentine king of crime stole a variety of precious gems and artifacts before he was apprehended through the combined efforts of Batman, Batgirl and Wonder Woman.

After spending several years in prison, Copperhead finally managed to escape with the aid of an old colleague who smuggled him a new and improved snake suit. Once outside the prison walls, Copperhead learned that his new costume had been provided by the Secret Society of Super Villains who invited him to become one of their founding members. Accepting the invitation, Copperhead served on and off with the ever-changing organization until it apparently dissolved.

Street Justice

For more information see: Street Justice

Cooperhead is arrested for killing and eating at least 15 people. He is put on trial and tried by Kate Spencer, but he gets off not guilty by reason of genetic anomaly. While being transported back to holding Copperhead breaks out and kills his escorts.

He then tries to kill more people but he is attacked by Manhunter. Copperhead is then killed by Manhunter, when she shoots an energy bolt through his head. Manhunter then leaves Copperheads body in the sewer with the word MANHUNTER scrolled on the wall.

While Copperhead's body is in the morgue, it is visited by his old friend Shadow-Thief, who takes some of his teeth to remember him by. Then later after Copperhead's body is buried, Shadow-thief uses his powers to reanimate the corpse and attack Manhunter again. During this battle Manhunter destroys Copperhead's body again.

Copperhead has been identified as one of the deceased entombed below the Hall of Justice.

A new Copperhead has surfaced as a member of the Terror Titans.

Blackest Night

In Blackest Night, Copperhead was kept in the Hall of Justice's morgue, but has been ressurected by the Black Lantern Corps. He is now helping the Black Lantern Justice League members along with Dr. Light, Alexander Luther of Earth-3, Maxwell Lord and many other dead Justice League villains.

New 52

Copperhead, much more serpentine in appearance, battled Black Canary in Baltimore. He was unaffected by her sonic scream, but was eventually blinded by a billboard behind them caused by the Justice League. This allowed Black Canary to quickly defeat Copperhead. Copperhead's look is reminiscent to the look from Neron when Copperhead sold his sole. Copperhead catches Catwoman within the mansion, The Secret society calls a headquarters and wraps his arms around her until she becomes unconscious. Copperhead is on a mission with Deathstroke with Blockbuster, Shadow Thief , and Giganta. Copperhead has coiled up Batman when Deathstroke shoots him in the head and joins the villians because without hunting heroes he has no reason to live.

In other media

Copperhead appears in JL and JLU as a recuring villain most notably in the episode "Injustice For All". in "Injustice For All", Copperhead is a member of the Injustice Gang. He is interogated by Batman, and is soon taken off to jail. He later appears in the episode "Fury". Aresia recruits him for her new Injustice Gang, but betrays him when she reveals that she plots to rid the world all of men. He next appears in "Kid Stuff, and is quickly taken down by Green Lantern. He later joins the Legion Of Doom.

Copperhead appears with the Batman in 'The Brave and The Bold' episode titled "Legend of the Dark Mite".


Batman: The Brave and the Bold

He appears as one of the minor bosses of the game. He tries to escape of Black Gate and realases several prisoners to fight batman and blue beetle.

Batman: Arkham Origins

Copperhead as (s)he appeared in Arkham Origins video game.
Copperhead as (s)he appeared in Arkham Origins video game.

Copperhead appears in Batman: Arkham Origins as one of the eight assassins sent to kill Batman. This Copperhead however is a sneaky flexible female who uses poison and sharp claws as weapons. She is seen sneaking up on Batman while he is interrogating Black Mask. She manages to poison him before he can fight her. The poison is causing Batman to start hallucinating and he sees a group of Copperheads. When Batman beats them all, he gets the antidote and defeats the real Copperhead. He ties her up and locks her inside a truck. Later when Batman updates the bat computer, it is reviled Copperhead is a member of a South American gang and that probably everyone in the gang is called "Copperhead".

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