Crisis on Infinite Earths

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    Crisis on Infinite Earths was one of the biggest events in the DCU. It erased the DC Multiverse and rebooted many DC Heroes' origins. It mark's the end of the Silver and Bronze Ages of Comic Books.

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    In addition to the 12-part maxi series the following titles were part of the official crossover:

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    A spectacular and original novel based on the epic comics series that forever changed the universe of Superman and Batman by the man who created the original tale! Trapped in a timeless limbo, Barry Allen, the Flash, can only watch in silent and helpless horror as, one by one, countless universes fade from existence in order to feed the insatiable need for power of the Anti-Monitor, a being from the anti-matter universe of Qward. Under the guidance of the Monitor, his benevolent opposite, the super-heroes and villains of all realities are brought together for a last, desperate stand against the forces that promise the literal end of all existence.
    • Written By: Marv Wolfman
    • Publisher: Ibooks (April, 2007)
    • ISBN-10: 1596873434
    • ISBN-13: 978-1596873438

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