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Aquaman's search for news of his father takes him to the surface world and its civilization for the first time, where he meets a new ally and ends up in a pitched battle!

Arthur still without the Dweller of the depths by his side is led by King Shark to an underwater trading post for the various undersea criminals. However he is once again mistaken as Aquaman which causes him to leave the bar in frustration,while pondering over the events following his duel.In the ocean he is met by the mermaid dancer from the bar,Tejaia who is marveled by Arthur's different features before kissing him with Arthur passing out.He then awakens to a group of men trying to rob and murder him,but stops it by bringing the bar down over him before departing with King Shark.As the two begin their journey back to Maine,he is mystically summoned to a castle floating on the ocean's surface.The people of the vessel then offer to ask the various rescue organizations they are in contact with about the boy's father, while they take him down to the reason they brought him there, the spirit of Vulko.

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