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A elderly women calls 911 calling to complain the next door neighbors are fighting and screaming.

A loud banging noise emanates from the wall and smashes it open a weird gargoyle like creature comes out holding the next door neighbor....and throws him to the wall right next to the old women as if he was a rag doll...

Then the door kicks open a women comes in guns blazing trying to kill the creature. But the dam thing flys off leaving lots of damage to clean up broken walls and even a dead bodies...

Well few minutes later the cops come to respond to the 911 call. They find half eaten dead bodies,a whole apartment complex that looked big-foot came out from, and some lady with two automatic weapons.

So, detective Sara Pezzini was called to the scene...Sara takes the young gun totting women downtown for questioning.

They did a background check and turns out the girl's name is Lara Croft a multimillionaire archaeologist. Sara starts questioning lara:

Sara - Ms.Croft, what sort of archeology were studying at Mr. Scarponi's this evening?

Lara - *I was trying to save Mr.Scarponi and his family.*

Sara - *oh, his family. Wanna see the Scarponi's photo album? (sara throws pictures of half eatten/torn apart bodies on the table) 7 dead dosen't seem your doing such a good job saving anyone. There pictures of kids among those photos Ms.Croft young kids. You gonna tell me whats going on?*

Lara - You wouldn't believe it if I told you.

Sara: Try me.

Lara: Do you believe in the supernatural detective?

Sara: You'd be surprised.



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