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You Rang?

Recommendation: “YES!”

This is another fun installment of the awesome mini-series where we see a different side of the Marvel Multiverse… a weird violent side… the side where you really don’t know what to expect - well except death. And lots of it.

This may even be more violent than Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. It is certainly in the same category. Entertaining. Fun. Gratuitous. I loved it.

Though we are far from the 616, Frank Castle is on his same quest. Punishment. This time the people being held accountable are members of a murderous group known as the “Six-Fingered Hand”. The last page of the last issue revealed who was behind this group, and this issue was all about taking care of everyone between Frank and this ominous collection of foes.

To be clear, the “Inigo Montoya” reference parity is not lost on me. It is very clever. Well done. In fact, everyone Frank is aiming for, should in fact, “…prepare to die.”

I have said this previously, but the art on this book matches the tone, mood, and feel of the story perfectly. I like the realism and the non-traditional style. It certainly makes this feel like a different universe.

The pacing of the series so far has been great. Each issue, we get a lot more than we bargained for - this issue is no exception. I thought for sure the issue was going to end after the second battle, leaving the final confrontation to the last issue in this mini-series - but no! We get a taste, a tease, a pretty good look at the final confrontation… a confrontation that may be as final as they get!

But that is for you to read, not for me to spoil. And while it is a great part of the story, the most fun part of the story happens in the middle… where Frank and Chip run up against very unlikely opposition. Who would have known stealing something from Assemble City would have been so difficult? And all just to get something so small… ;)

This issue is certainly worth picking up. And while it is not a great jumping on point for the overall story, if you have to, you will be able to get your bearings straight away. And if you are looking for some other reason to buy it - it has a punctured Galactus helmet on the cover. Nuff Said! Besides, I am willing to bet your local comic shop has issues #1 and #2, so why not splurge and get all three (the other covers aren’t too shabby, either)!

Only one more until the end… and it promises to be one hell of an ultimate experience!


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