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Honor was kidnapped by the League of Assassins at a young age and was placed in an orphanage run by Jonah Nine. Jonah used Honor, and the other orphans, as genetic experiments to create metahuman assassins. Honor was one of the few to survive the experiments which granted her the ability to create "Zones of Silence," a bubbles in which no sound can be heard.

Because of her new abilities and her latent talent at fighting, Honor was handpicked by Talia al Ghul to be her personal bodyguard/assassin.


Silencer was created by Dan Abnett and John Romita Jr.. The character was created under the New Age of Heroes label, which spun out of the events of Metal. She made her first appearance in The Silencer #1 - Code of Honor Part 1.

Character Evolution

As a teenager Honor, now The Silencer, became Talia's right hand woman, protecting her and killing people in her name. The two became close friends and Talia informed her that she wanted to break away from the League of Assassins and form her own organization called Leviathan. Honor agreed to help Talia in exchange for her granting her her freedom once they were done, to which Talia agreed.

After several years of conflict with the League of Assassins, Leviathan had broken itself free and had established itself as an independent network of assassins. Still Talia was reluctant to release Honor from her services.

Several years later Talia finally agreed to release Honor if she completed one final assignment for her. She was instructed to assassinate a former Leviathan bureaucrat named Guile. Honor was reluctant to kill someone from her own organization, but knew it was her only way out.

While on the mission to kill Guile, Silencer came face to face with his hired bodyguard, Deathstroke. Silencer managed to get the best of him and killed off Guile.

After the mission Honor begged Talia to honor their agreement, to which Talia did. Honor was now free to live her own life free from Leviathan.

Five years later, Honor became married to Blake Guest, together the two of them have a son named Ben. Honor was happy with her new life, but her old life son began rearing it's ugly head in. Leviathan had broken down into civil war and no assassins were attempting to kill Honor and her new family. Honor realized the only way to protect her new way of life is end the war herself and become the Silencer once more.


Sound Manipulation: Honor can create a cone of silence to various size and duration.


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