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Sammy Stone was a police officer whom Frank Caslte met at a diner that he would frequently have breakfast at. After ordering breakfast one morning he was sitting at the diner staring at a skull ring that he took from some thugs that he fought the previous night. Sammy asked about it, and ended up explaining to Frank that it was actually a Memento Mori, saying that skulls are a reminder that death is inevitable. After some flirtatious chatting Frank gives Stone the ring before leaving, saying that he does not need a reminder that death is coming for him.

The next day while on duty Stone and some of her fellow officers were in a gun fight with some criminals. They were out numbered and were not able to match their opponents in fire power. While a attempting a flank one of Stone's fellow officers, Rodriguez, was electrocuted by Electro (though they did not know it at the time) dying instantly, charing his body. She called out his name and started to run toward him, but then saw some gas grenades get thrown next to her and heard the words "get down" come from behind. It was The Punisher, whom was masked so she didn't recognize him. Frank made short work of the opponents, and Stone managed to tell Frank about their "strange weapon" before subcoming to the gas and losing consciousness.

The next time we see Stone she is at the dinner that she met Frank at wearing the ring he gave her. She was listening to the news about how bad crime has gotten in the city. She asks about Frank and tells the cook to tell him that she says hi the next time he sees him.

The next time we see Stone she is on patrol in Elsegundo. She spots looters and two individuals wearing gas masks and proceeds to check it out. While walking up to them one of the individuals in the masks pulls out a gun and shoots her twice in the torso causing her to go down, and exposing her bullet proof vest. She sits up and retaliates with two shots of her own, bring the thug down, while the other appear to be running away on a motorcycle. She goes to the man that shot her and beats him with her fists until they are bloody.

We don't see Stone again until what appears to be at least a few weeks later. She is in the diner again and the news is playing talking about how crime is at a all time high. She asks the cook about Frank again, to which he replies "he comes he goes." The cook reminds her to be careful out there before she takes off.

The next time we see her she is in the middle of a situation, on the radio calling for backup as she gets punched in the face. The man who hits her tries to run, and Stone grabs her gun and follows. The thug jumps on some dumpster, and then onto a later to the, climbing up a apartment building. Stone yells for him to stop, but he does not. She then fires her weapon and the man falls. She calls in a suspect down while the man lies motionless in a big pool of blood.Stone later gets discharged for shooting this unarmed man in the back

Later Stone learns that the cook who worked at the diner that she would frequently visit and chat with had been shot. While visiting him in the hospital he is unconscious, but she vows to do something about the crime in the city. She holds his hand and we see she is still wearing the skull ring Frank gave her.

Next time we see Stone she is in downtown LA, bribing some guys on the street for information on what happened to the cook. The guys tell her exactly what she needs to know, then she goes to her desensitization, and puts on a bullet proof vest and grabs a shotgun from the trunk of her vehicle. She casually walks up to them and says "hey homies" Before pulling the trigger. She is holding her gun to the last thugs face as he is begging for his life as the police show up and arrest her.

In prison Stone is sitting on her bed in her cell as her cell mate welcomes her to hell. Later during a riot after the criminals take over the city and turn off the power we see Stone walking out of the prison while covered in blood that does not appear to be hers.

Later Stone is walking through the city thinking to herself, about what happened to the city that she became a cop to protect. At this point she had realized that Franky as she called him was actually Frank Castle, the Punisher. She is thinking that Frank is responsible for everything, that it is his fault that her city became so full of crime.

Later we see The Punisher in a ally rescuing a woman. After killing the attackers we see Stone walk in from the shadows. She tells Frank that she feels like a idiot for sitting next to him, chatting with him all those times without realizing who he was. She blames him for everything that had happened to the city and stabs him between the ribs with a piece of sharp metal, and afterwards stabs Frank's coyote Loot killing him. She tells Frank that it had been a long time coming. Later we see him walking away with his dead pet in his arms.


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