Team » Purrrfection appears in 8 issues.

    Cat-themed group of models.

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    Major Story Arcs

    Trying to get Purrrfection more mainstream status, team leader Cougar secretly hires crazed villain Murder to kidnap her during a staged event and release her later, thus hoping the press would say Purrrfection could defeat superpowered villains. But her teammate Josie tries to save Cougar when Murder shows up and Murder grabs Josie instead and kidnaps her. Enraged, he tortures and murders her. Flying back to where her kidnapped her, he throws her into the stage, leaving her corpse there. Afraid, Cougar manipulates the event into a scaffolding accident that killed Josie. Unaware that Cougar's publicity stunt got Josie killed, Cougar stays on as leader of Purrrfection, a cat-themed group of models.

    Cougar uses her powers of persuasion to lure Critter into her group and even goes as far as make Critter the new Josie. This triggers the ghost of Josie to show up and show Critter what really happened to her. Upon learning the truth about the death of Josie, Purrrfection disbands.


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