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SDCC 2015: Warner Brothers & DC Entertainment Breakdown

This is my very first blog on ComicVine so bear with me. Anyways, let's start on breaking down all the announcement, events, trailer and etc. that was released by DC Entertainment and Warner Brothers during this years San Diego Comic-Con.

Vertigo Comics which is a part of DC Entertainment has announced during the first day of SDCC the 12 new comicbook they'll be releasing this year.

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This books includes the following:

  • The Twilight Children by Gilbert Hernandez, Darwyn Cooke
  • Survivor's Club by Lauren Beukes, Dale Halvorsen, Ryan Kelly
  • Clean Room by Gail Simone, Jon Davis-hunt
  • Art Ops by Shaun Simon, Michael Allred
  • Unfollow by Rob Williams, Mike Downling
  • Slash & Burn by Si Spencer, Max Dunbar, Ande Parks
  • Red Thorn by David Baillie, Meghan Hetrick
  • Jacked by Eric Kripke, John Higgins
  • The Sheriff of Baghdad by Tom King, Mitch Gerads
  • New Romancer by Peter Milligan, Brett Parson
  • Lucifer by Holly Black, Lee Garbett
  • Last Gang in Town by Simon Oliver, Rufus Dayglo

For more information you can check this LINK

DC Animation will also bring us next 2016 an adaptation of The Killing Joke with Batman: Bad Blood an animated movie that will introduced Batwoman to DCAU and Justice League vs Titans.

The second day of Comic-Con starts with a bang with DC Entertainment plans to celebrate the 75th year anniversary of Robin. DC announce the sequel of Batman: Eternal which is Batman & Robin: Eternal, along with Batman & Robin: Eternal is the miniseries Robin Wars. But there's more, DC will finally introduced Cassandra Cain in the current DCU and she will play a major role in Batman & Robin.

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For more info click Here

Superman will also have a miniseries written by Max Landis along with a new story arc called Justice. Find out more here.

Batman is also teaming up with the turtles in a new limited miniseries by IDW and DC. IDW and DC really likes to work together after that Star Trek and Green Lantern cross over. Find out more here.

The third day of SDCC is a blast with DC Comics three new spin off titles from Convergence Event. With Telos having his own book, Pre- 52 Superman returns along with the new Titan's book. Read it here.

The Milestone Universe is going nowhere as they will stick with the DC Universe, releasing new stories, novels and mini series with the help of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. Find out more here.

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Legendary writer Grant Morrison will return on writing more Multiversity Story exploring more alternate Earths in the DCU.

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The day all DC fans has been waiting for has come as directors David Ayer and Zach Snyder brings the Suicide Squad and the cast of Batman v Superman on Comic Con along with a 3 minute trailer!

With the hype over BvS and Suicide Squad, Warner Brothers also announced that the reboot of Green Lantern will feature not 1 not 2 but the whole Green Lantern Corps. Click here.

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The DCTV Universe is not also not a far with the announcement with the upcoming and returning television shows like Arrow *ehem* or should I say Green Arrow, Flash, Gotham, iZombie, Lucifer, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. I guess everyone is pumped up to see what is in store next.

Green Arrow will have a new costume while embracing a lighter tone and Diggle will also have a costume. It is also confirmed that Mr. Terrific will appear on Arrow. Damien Darkh played by Neal McDonough is confirmed to be the main baddy this season 4 along with the organization H.I.V.E. anyone else hype for this?

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Flash casts Teddy Sears and Shantel Van Stanten for the role of Jay Garrick and Patty Spivot respectedly. It is also confirmed that Zoom will be the big bad for season 2, I wonder if it is Eddie.

CW Seed also released a teaser trailer for the upcoming animated series Vixen. Vixen will take place in the DCCW Universe along with Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

Gotham will also introduced new characters or should I say new villain from the comics.

Last but not the least is Supergirl. Well they add Maxwell Lord played by Peter Facinelli in a reccuring role.

In the last day of Comic-Con DC All Access announced that DC Comics will release new Earth-1 Book of Aquaman and Flash, giving us more alternate stories to read.

That's it I just breakdown all the announcement DC Enterntainment bring us this years comic-con. The hype for upcoming DC Entertainment properties doesn't stop, pretty much hopeful they bring us more comicbooks, movies, games and toys next year.