Long live the Empire

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"In the middling eras of political and sociological decay, when a small minority held the power of the people and decided their fates with nuclear fire, the majority finally rebelled. Bloodless, and quietly. They rebelled against the lifeblood of those who tugged at the strings of the world. They attached themselves to gods of their own making, though they were not gods - they were more than that. They were creations made in the own image of their masters, who then listened to their guidance and simply... walked away,"

"Those days ended with the collapse of the greedy as they turned upon themselves, causing war that erased their very footprint upon the world. Then, in time, those who followed in the shadow of their clockwork children returned and reclaimed what was lost. Piece by piece they accomplished their goals and established their identities in the radiation-washed horizons,"

"Their 'gods' became more than the steel they were forged from, and departed from their fathers and mothers, seeking knowledge and further enlightenment. Though they would always watch over their brothers and their sisters, as well as their inevitable nieces and nephews. Their grandchildren, and so on. Ethereal, and untouchable, they became Titans and formed a Pantheon of their own. Though, this would not last,"

"Only eight of the original Titans would remain to see their estranged relatives survive unto the christening of M0, some hundred years after the Atom War. They alone returned to the world of their creation, and shared with those who yet lived the Laws of the Legion. The Titans knew of the horrors beyond their humble planet, but could not interfere due to constraints of their own. In order to show their relatives a mercy, these Laws established the creation of the Grand Legions and sparked the imaginations of rogue tech-lords and aspiring genecrafters from all borders,"

"The broken world could heal again, but only after once more facing the furnace of global war. Those secrets the Titans shared were the foundation and it fell to those with mercurial knowledge of biological adaptation, biomechanical augmentation, surgical application, and neurological transmogrification to put it all to practice. Though, the Titans merely gave their secrets away. It was up to the various tribes and clans to perfect what those secrets entailed. It wasn't until twenty later during M1 that the genecrafters and immortalized mechanomancers finally achieved that perfection - or as close to it as they could come,"

"The first Grand Legion emerged from the dust-clouds of that forgotten plateau, under the guidance of an unknown emperor - their name carved out from history by varied rivals and usurpers. With their banners unfurled, they dominated the planet and consumed their enemies in unending fire. The ceramite-steel of their boots shook the ground in the thunderous unison of marching feet. Within the decade, that world had been united by blood and war. So would be its destiny, sealed by the name it took upon its rebirth. 'Alastor', named after the mortal progenitor of the Titans - without whom, none of this would be possible. In the resulting eruption of a global superpower, all petty religion was snuffed out by Imperial mandate. The Titans of Logic and Science had chosen who ruled now, enforced by the physical product of their students' knowledge and ingenuity. No gods, and with the eventual decline of the Imperial system, there would be no kings. Only men, and their engines of war."

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