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well i was on a tour in the wicklow caves and i wondered of from the group,i the ground callepsed underneth me and i feel towards my death,i died and went to heaven and spoke wit god,he told me something is goin to destroy the world he wants me to help him,he gave me my powers, and as i woke up on that hospital bed i knew that my purpose in my new life was to held others and to protect earth,wen i got home from the hospital i felt very woozey,i thought the whole god thig was just a stupid dream,after i went to bed i was just lieing there and i thought i was going to fall and i did,i fell throuw my bed and into my kicthen, i ran right throuw the wall next to me,it was a night i wud never forget,over the coming months i was geting more powers,i cud create small illiusons (the size of a small room),i cud do small beams of energy(blast power)i was more strong,and i was healing faster if i was hurt,then as i was rock climbing wit a couple of friends the harness broke and i was sure to fall to my death,i came to a stop and i thought i was dead but as i looked i was floting a meter of the ground and in the next 3weeks i was learn to get speed so i cud run and jump to fly properly,but when ciaran was facing a dark spirithe cursed him wit a dark side,witch is crying to get out,