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    The first superhero created from a reality show. Feedback was the first winner of Sci Fi Channel's "Who Wants to be a Superhero?"

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    Feedback's powers in their original incarnation are quite complicated. Though electrical-based, he doesn't have exclusive lightning- or electric-blast types of powers. Due to an electronic mishap, he was given the ability to absorb temporary powers from any video game he played. The exact ratio of game time to usage is unknown.

    Weaknesses: he has a very severe weakness in that each time he chooses to use an absorbed power, he loses a memory. Since the character is so new, fans debate whether or not the memory loss is permanent however, there are hopes that either scientific intervention or the studying of personal diaries, will keep Feedback's lifestory as contrugent as possible.

    The first comic has yet to be released but in an interview with the creator himself, Feedback said that his powers will change from his original vision. More can be divulged after Issue #1 of WWTBASH comic (formerly titled Feedback #1).

    Feedback's team post the Excelsior assignment, is called Tech Support which is in fact, the name of his fan club and all their characters. Feedback has been allied with heroes (also from the reality show) such as Monkey Woman, Creature, and the Iron Enforcer.


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