Scariest Zelda monster?

Just out of pure curiosity, What do you guys thing is the scariest Legend of Zelda monster? This includes all Zelda games, and all Zelda monsters. My opinion, I think Dead Hand is the #1 freakiest. Seriously, just look at that bastard.


The Hobbit!!!!!!

I'm soooooooooo excited for The Hobbit! Who's with me? It looks great. I hope it as good, or better than the Lord of the Rings trilogy. All the trailers look fantastic. And I like the casting. But I'm not 100% sure about Martin Freeman playing Bilbo Baggins. Don't get me wrong, I love this actor. He was great as John Watson and Arthur Dent. But Bilbo? I don't know. Bilbo use to be portrayed by Ian Holm. But they weren't even sure if he'd still be alive for the films. Or if he'd even take the role. But he is alive, and he didn't. So now we have Watson as Bilbo. But, even so, he's better than flipping Robert Pattinson.


Happy Birthday Deadpoolrules!!!

I would like to inform you all on this awesome day, that it just so happens to be a birthday of a very awesome person. :D Happy birthday baby.

I hope you have/had a fantastic, wonderful, awesome-tabular, beautiful, super crazy, fun day.

So since I can't actually mail a birthday cake to you, because... well, it would probably turn out pretty gross by the time you got it... and, I can't really cook that well, so I'll just have to give you these:

So go sit on your comfy birthday throne and dig in! :D

P.S if you didn't actually get any cake for you birthday like me, then sorry. :P I hope you got everything you wanted and no family arguments accrued.

Love you. :) xox


deadpoolrules and PrinceZiara's wedding

Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to celebrate the joining together of these two beings.

deadpoolrules (Wade) and PrinceZiara (Harley).

Maybe this should have happened sooner...

blah blah blah blah say your vows blah blah blah vows vows vows stuff stuff blah blah

You may kiss they bride.

Now Celebrate!!!!!! Whoot! Whoot!

And so, the two new young couple went on and became very famous and made a movie:

And then:

Happily ever after.


Dishonored Review

I don't have a lot of time, so this will be short. I bought the new game Dishonored yesterday, and I've gotta say, I really like it so far. I'm really enjoying not having to follow all the rules in this game. Not having to go down a specific path way. And I also really like the controls. I think they could have done a little better with the weapons though, but I'm sure it'll get better the further I go.

The setting is amazing in my opinion. It's dark, but not too dark. The characters, settings and weapons are based in Victorian London but it has futuristic characteristics. Which I think is the perfect balance.

I don't recall hearing Corvo speak yet, but still he gives a sense of his personality. And overall, I'm liking the whole "Revenge is everything" theme.

I don't think it's what I'd call an overly difficult game, but it's not easy either. And if anyone asks, I would definitely recommend it. Alright, now I'm going to go play it.


Artist Contest: Pick A Siren

Alright my fellow Viners. Let's once again see what you've got. Pick a Siren, any Siren. You can draw Catwoman, Poison Ivy or of course Harley Quinn. Now go forth and draw! I'll give you untill whenever.

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