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All for the love and beauty of madness

Some comics I've come across that have renewed my love of reading and collecting comics.

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  • Starting slowly on this series as I only have issue 4, but the two stories in that issue reminded me that half the fun is the hunt.

  • part of my wishlist

  • have 12 and 13 both cover B. Can't wait to find the rest of either cover version.

  • on my wishlist

  • Absolutely LOVE this series. It is my fav H.P.L story and the imagery in this comic matched perfectly to the visuals I had in my head while listening to my audio version. have one of each for a complete series all regular covers. would love to have the variants but I'm thrilled just to have the complete series.

  • The cover of 2 sold me on this series instantly before I even turned the page to see what it was about. lucked out in that I was able to buy 2-4 of both A and B covers in one pull and am now looking for issue 1. the artwork of Menton 3 is AMAZING!!!

  • this series in it's entirety was gifted to me and I can't even begin to describe the squealing happy dance that followed. Another series that has renewed my love of comic. The book it's based on is Fantastic (as is all of Clive Barkers stuff) and I really enjoyed seeing the story for the first time thru someone else's eyes. Highly recommend!

  • thinking I may have to get a second job just to be able to hunt down this and another Clive barker series to add to my collection.

  • need this series!

  • Love Gojira and this series started just when I decided to start collecting again...so why not. A little intimidated anyways to try and pick up older Godzilla comics so this is perfect.

  • Got issues 2-5 at a horror con and got them signed by Joel Robinson (a really sweet man btw). picked them up mostly because I love Vincent Price and the artwork, but now I'm really excited to grab the rest.

  • Now this one I really like! Have issue one in main and variant cover but the draw for me is the story. Always happy to come across any new Frankenstein related material. artwork is beautiful!

  • just gotta