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From the new show Last Man on Earth, Phil's brother Mike spends presumeably a few years in Space before finding a way to return to Earth. Question is, how would his body realistically re-adapt to Earths gravity, climate, atmospheric composition, and food?

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MY first youtube review

hi guys last night i uploaded my very first youtube video lol. i have used youtube since its inception, but never thought about adding my own videos and this knife review is my first. I did the video off the top of my head and did say um alot, tell me if you would purchase this knife after watching my review lol. It does show my real name but idc so enjoy guys :)

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Just for me

Other thread has me missing old Comic Vine.Back when i was the new guy and existing users seemed so intimidating with their performance and knowledge in the forums. Then i posted many topics in the character forums asking questions that interested other users as well, starting my own reputation here by the end of 2008. Back when Fesak had less than 100,000 points and King S had fewer than 25,000 or so posts. Remembering the quests starting on April 20, 2010 and how i posted a blog the day after and received the award for the " Make a blog Quest", not knowing the quests even existed, and it surprised me. I reached level 25 out of like 38 levels of the quests, but holy cow it took months of work to even achieve that level each level growing more impossible lmao i gave up.

Also remembering the Trivia on the wiki pages, i only submitted i think 12 or less questions myself but hours of fun.

It has been a unique kind of adventure and a great learning experience, here at the end of January, 2016, I post this to look back someday and smile.

Today- 7015 posts

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Tribute to my State

I will be adding to this over time.

This Tribute is to my great state of Michigan. (Lists)

The state with the longest freshwater coastline in the world and many other geographical, geological, and historical importances and anomalies (Such as the Petoskey Stone, Silver Lake, Mackinac Island, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Sault St Marie, Belle Isle, and a huge variety of Protected Land, Coastline, Scenic rivers, and Reserves.

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List Of Famous companies From MI

- Meijer

- Carhartt

- Faygo

- Ford

-Bradford White










-Gordan Food Service


-Two Men and a Truck


Along with many other Headquarter companies with roots in Michigan, and many large and popular companies not mentioned.

Other Michigan Tributes to come.

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Thanks Everybody

Even if you have been on CV for only a couple years or weeks, I want to thank everyone here for keeping the community active and full of wonder for me. I'm celebrating 7 years on the site today with 7000 posts lol (not much i know). Thanks again everybody :)

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