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Robots that cry

Near future, a post cataclism that destroyed Greece, a modern city (New Athens), old habits and sins prevail. Two police departments must join forces to solve a big mystery involving a murder. Big corporations and greed paint the streets, a modern world tainted with the same vicious that rule society in the past. Can technology embrace old detective style investatigation to discover who's behind these atempts? Giannis Milonogiannis brings us a fantastic police-detective thriller romance, mixing sci-fi with the classic team-up between the hard case detective and the pretty spunk lady. This story is a great combination of Blade Runner, Akira and I, Robot, innovating by breathing real life into robots and giving a cool perspective about the engines of power. The scenario of a ruined society living head quarters with a brand new city, in it's shadow, and the rebuilt of Greece's economy,all that entangled in a space program where the moon is a big source of resources and the object of atention from big corporations is very interesting, especially if you think about Greece's real economic situation nowadays. I really enjoyed Giannis' art, his style is much more optimized when only in B & W, proving to be very superior than his work in Prophet (in my opinion), also his dialogues, his narrative are very consistent and entertaining. Archaia recently republished this in a special edition, if you can take a look, it's worth it!

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