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Horse and Harpy go to the Boy Scouts camp where Ty-Gor is having fun swimming with his friends. Harpy marks the back of Junior De Snook's shirt to identify him, but Junior sees the mark and takes Ty-Gor's shirt instead. When the kidnappers don't see the shirt, they return to find the jungle boy still getting dressed. They take Ty-Gor, thinking he is the De Snook boy.

At the home of Dr. Davis, Joan and her father entertain Mr. De Snook. De Snook intends to finance the explorer's return to the jungle, but only if they leave Ty-Gor behind. Joan, Dr. Davis, and De Snook go to the camp to visit junior and the jungle youth.

The De Snooks and the Davis family arrive to that the kidnappers left a ransom note for $50,000 for De Snook. Junior explains that Ty-Gor took his shirt and is now likely the captive. Mr. De Snook and Junior go in search of Ty-Gor, but they are captured by Harpy.

When Harpy returns to the cabin where he and Horse are holding Ty-Gor, Harpy punches Mr. De Snook. This compels Ty-Gor to enter the fray and beat Harpy soundly. Ty-Gor's Scoutmaster and the other scouts follow Dr. Davis and Joan when they hear the sound of the brawl in the cabin.

The group finds that Ty-Gor has beaten Horse and Harpy, and Mr. De Snook and Junior are safe and sound. Mr. De Snook says he will finance Dr. Davis's expedition, and that Ty-Gor can go along. Ty-Gor is happy, but want his tiger-mother, Malma, to join them.


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