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As Vegeta approaches the location of the next dragon ball he senses Jeice's power. He considers powering up to draw Jeice out and test his new powers but he remembers his father's words and believes he has some info that will turn Jeice. At about the same time Jeice's scanner detects Vegeta. Jeice decides that the previous power level readings must of been a mistake and he will challenge Vegeta himself.

Vegeta : Freiza has destroyed your home world. Jeice : Lies!!! You know Lord Freiza uses planet Bolthouse (my fav juice ) as a trading post. Vegeta : That was true but King Bolt gave Cooler a better deal than Freiza in their last dealings. So Frieza destroyed the planet. Jeice : Lies !!! The Captain would have told me. Vegeta : You saw that scare on Recoome's cheek right? That was King Bolt. I asked If I could be part of the raiding team so I could spare......Jeice : Don't you dare mention her. Vegeta:: smiling:: Well Frieza denied my request and Recoomes fight with King Bolt left the planet in ruins so Frieza just blew it up. That's when I decided to run off to earth to get the dragonballs before Frieza could. Jeice : But there aren't any dragonballs on earth. Vegeta : Well that damn fool Raditz told me there was instead of telling his commander. And yes it was a lie hence why you don't see that scum with me. Are you going to join me against that monster Frieza or not? Jeice : Even If I did believe you both of us together plus your new friend and Burter won't be enough to beat Frieza. Vegeta :takes fighting stance:: I will killthat monster you can help me or join him in the grave? Jeice : I did see the scare I'm not sure if I can believe you but I will take you to Recoome he's guarding two dragon balls. I will confront Recoome if you are lying we will tear you apart if you are telling the truth I will tear Recoome apart. Vegeta :: doubts that Jeice can beat Recoome at all let alone in that brutal fashion but he is glad to have an ally that has the proper anger::