Marvel Re-Imagined: Thor Agents of Asgard #13

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The Byfrost lit the sky as it struck the surface of Nidavellir, from the blinding light came Thor and Brunnhilda, in full body armor, ready for the war that awaited them underground.

Thor spun his hammer in his hand and thrust it into the air, Brunnhilda summoned her winged steed and joined him in flight.

The Valkyirie scanned her surroundings, the surface of the planet was quite and peaceful, animals below them acting as if nothing terrible was going on.

"Youd never think there was a war going on from out here. "

"I expect that to change quickly, if my brothers tales are true, we cannot waste any time. "

They did not speak as the trip went on, after half an hour of flying they arrived at the outer gate, the gate was at least 2 dozen feet tall, they were engraved with the pictures of famous Dwarves in battle.

Before the gate was a makeshift market place with people from all the realms trading everything from rations to weaponry, the pair landed in the middle of the market place and ignored the traders calling out to them.

"Gretting travelers! "

"Might I interest you? "

"Only the finest weapons here! "

They pair ignored most of them, but one transaction caught Thors attention, there was an older Dwarf woman arguing with a Dark Elf.

"My children will starve die you whore son! Youre prices are maddening! "

The Dark Elf simply chuckled and responded with. "I don't see anyone else selling you what you need, either pay up or piss off. "

"You will give me the medicine or Ill-"

Her yell was cut short as the Dark Elf drew his curved blade and placed it a mere inch from her neck, a sadistic smile appeared on his face as fear overtook the Dwarf woman.

Thor decided to intervene, he quickly approached the Dark Elf who didn't notice him until he was already next to the woman.

"That is enough! "

"And who the fuck are you?! "

"Have care how you speak to a son of Odin. "

The smile and pleasure washed away upon hearing Thors words, the Dark Elf quickly removed the blade from the woman and was on his knees within a moments notice.

"L-lord Thor! My sencierest apologies, I-I was merely-"

"You were merely robbing this poor woman who has already lost enough to the war and now you cause her further misery by denying her children medicine?! "

The people in the market started to look on at the Odinson, his fury rose as the sky above grew darker and thunder could be heard.

"F-forgive me m-my lord, I-I-I will give her all the medicine she requires, in fact.... FREE MEDICINE FOR EVERYONE!!! "

Thors fury had subsided somewhat as the people in the market place cheered at the Dark Elves new business policy.

"See that you do or. " He picked up a large rock from the ground and crushed it to dust in front of the Elf. "I will do this to your skull. "

The Dark Elf gulped as the prince left, the Dwarf woman approached a leaving Thor.

"Thank you so much my lord, if there is any way I can repay you?"

"No need, just make sure your children are properly cared for. "

The woman nodded at Thor and ran back to her children with the medicine, Brunnhilda saw everything and had quite a large smile on her face.

"What? "

"Oh nothing, I just didn't think you had become so chivalrous since we last meet. "

"I have a great many more surprises in store for you then. "

The pair waked up to the gate at last, there were a dozen Dwarves stationed in front of it.

"Ah lord Thor and Valkyirie Brunnhilda! I am Drirr commander of the 12th Legion, I assume you are here because of my.... arrangement with Loki? "

"Yes, perhaps we should discuss this inside, considering Thors little performance. "

He shot her daggers with his eyes as Drirr opened the gates to Kal-Shirok, as they walked into the tunnels, they constantly changed their appearance.

Some were barely excavated, while other parts seemed like professionally built cities, the rough patches soon subsided as they reached Kal-Shirok.

They city itself had a half circular build to it, the entrance was the home to the middle caste, such as traders, merchants, arms smiths and bar owners, it also lead to the arena via a bridge with spewing magma bellow it.

The left side of the half circular build lead to the lower caste quarters, home of the vagabonds, the poor and to many of the cities criminal cartas.

The right end of the circular build lead to the higher cast quarters, the homes of the librarians, the noble families, the royal families but had a secondary path that lead into the rest of the Dwarven kingdom.

The two Asgardians were able to admire the city before noticing several dozen soldiers approach them, they wore light leather armor and had giant dual swords on their backs with throwing axes on their belts.

"Sodding..... Let me do the talking, don't attack them until I say so. "

Said Drirr as he walked up to the oncoming Dwarves, his left hand already grasping for his throwing axe.

"Commander Drirr! And I see you brought some friends, have you thought about our proposal? "

"My answer is still the same, I don't accept the aid of thieves and cowards! "

The bald red bearded Dwarf sighed, his right index finger twitched and from the shadows a pair of archers appeared on opposite sides of the room.

Drirr acted quickly as he cut the red bearded Dwarfs throat, he used his corpse to block one arrow, while Thor smashed the other arches skull with Mjölnir

The rest of the enemy party drew their weapons, Drirr responded in kind as he also drew two small throw axes, he parried the first few attacks but found himself quickly over whelmed, until Brunnhilda and Thor joined the fray.

Brunnhilda attack the thieves from behind, her massive dual broadswords cut through their flesh effortlessly, Thor spun Mjölnir in his hand and each strike sent at least 3 or 4 thieves flying into the nearby lava river.

The battle was over almost as quickly as it started, there was only one survivor left, he tried to play but Brunnhilda noticed him going for an axe on the floor and stepped on his hand.

The lone thief yelped like a wounded dog in pain, Brunnhilda grabbed him by the leg and placed him helplessly over the lava river.

"Tell me who sent you and you may live here with your head intact. "

The Dwarf spit blood in her face and mockingly laughed at her, she opened her blue eyes, made a morbid smirk herself, released the Dwarf leg, spun around and sent him flying into the lava river with a round house kick to his balls.

"That was a bit extreme. " Said Thor jokingly.

"Wouldnt have made a difference, these whore son cut throats are too loyal to their leader, they'd never dare rat her out. "

The party found themselves approached by even more Dwarves, these however were official soldiers and not the thieves that greeted them before.

"What in the name of our Ancestors is going on here?! "

Said an aging Dwarf clad in jet black armor, Drirr shuttered at the mans presence.

"Like I needed one more thing to deal with....... "

To be continued......

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This is the definition of awesome!

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A story fit for the songs of Valhalla. Well done.

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@ekrolo: Once again, I enjoyed reading your story. It's awesome seeing Thor be brutal and in charge! (Valkyrie too!) Great work :-)