He-Man and The Masters Of The Universe: Lost Episode #56- Enter The Equalizer

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He-Man and The Masters Of The Universe

Lost Episode #56- Enter the Equalizer


The heroic warrior Buzz-Off flew over the coastal village of Broke Bottle. There had been reports of raids on the village by Skeletor's forces. The bee man landed on the roof of the lighthouse and scanned the area. The beach and the village were deserted.

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He radio'd in to his closest ally. "Mekaneck. This is Buzz-Off. Over."

"I hear you and see you." Mekaneck replied. He was outside the village on a small plateau, his neck extended up fifty feet in the air and his binocular goggles pointed at the village.

"You probably see as much of this as me. The village is empty. The buildings look fine but the people have disappeared." Buzz-Off replied.

"The village isn't completely empty." Mekaneck responded. "Tri-Klops and Trap Jaw are in the mayor's building, which is right next to that lighthouse. They're searching for something. Also, there are two figures walking out of the water on the beach behind you. It looks like Mer-Man and Clawful. I'm going to alert Man-At-Arms. You'll need backup. Stay put and steer clear of the mayor's building for now. Tri-Klops can see through walls. You don't want to alert him."

"Too late. I see him." Buzz-Off replied. "He's looking at me right now and he's on his communicator."

"Get out of there Buzz-Off," Mekaneck ordered. "You're outnumbered."

"So what?" Buzz-Off replied as he flew up into the air above the mayor's building. "Everyone knows Skeletor's Evil Warriors don't have any fliers like me or Stratos. They can't catch me."

"Watch out!" Mekaneck yelled. "There's something behind you."

Buzz-Off turned in the air as someone flew up towards him. He breathed a sigh of relief as he saw the figure was a fellow Andreenid, or Bee Person, like himself.

He didn't recognize the Andreenid, who was wearing a black and yellow balaclava over his face. He wore black and yellow spiked, metal armor and carried a rare, outlawed, Andreenid M60 machine gun which shoots tranquilizer stingers.

"Bzzt. I don't recognize you, friend," Buzz-Off greeted the newcomer. "What clan do you hail from? Bzzt."

"Bzzt. No clan of yours, traitor," the newcomer spoke in a dark voice. "You can call me Full Metal Yellowjacket and I am not your friend. Bzzt."

Buzz-Off felt the manipulation of Skeletor on him. "Bzzt. An Andreenid joining forces with Skeletor?" he asked. "Are you insane? Bzzt."

"Bzzt. I joined forces to take you down, traitor." Full Metal Yellowjacket retorted. "You joined with He-Man and his Heroic Warriors. Humans! They are beneath us and they are a danger to Andreenids. They must be wiped from the face of Eternia. Skeletor will enslave the humans and Andreenid's will be their masters. Bzzt."

"Bzzt. You are a fool," Buzz-Off countered. "Skeletor will enslave humans and Andreenids alike. He is the true danger to our kind. Bzzt."

Full Metal Yellowjacket pulls up his M60, points it at Buzz-Off and begins firing at him. Buzz-Off deflects the stingers with his axe-staff, points it at Full Metal Yellowjacket and fires a yellow energy beam at him, which bounces off his thick armor.

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Buzz-Off dives down and flies towards the mayor's building. He bursts through the window of the mayor's office, where Tri-Klops and Trap Jaw are concluding their search. He fires a yellow energy beam at Tri-Klops, who deflects it by firing a green energy beam from his visor.

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Trap Jaw jumps behind Buzz-Off and swings his hooked arm at him. The Heroic Warrior swings his axe-staff around and blocks the hit, pulling with all his might he throws Trap Jaw towards the window just as Full Metal Yellowjacket begins firing stingers into it.

Trap Jaw passes out, his back full of tranquilizer stingers. A green, glowing orb rolls out of his back sack. Tri-Klops looks at the orb and dives to grab it, yelling. "The Equalizer Orb!"

Buzz-Off shoots Tri-Klops with his axe-staff, sending the Evil Warrior flying through the wall into the hallway. Buzz-Off grabs the orb and flies through the hole in the wall through the hallway.

Just then Full Metal Yellowjacket flies in through the window and chases Buzz-Off.

"Get the Equalizer Orb." Tri-Klops yells to his new team mate as he tries to stand up. "Skeletor wants it."

Buzz-Off flies downstairs and towards the front door as Full Metal Yellowjacket gives chase, shooting stingers at the Heroic Warrior. He bursts out the door and flies towards the beach, near the lighthouse. Looking down at his leg he sees a tranquilizer stinger stuck in it.

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Standing on the beach in front of him is Mer-Man, the green scaled, amphibious sea tyrant, carrying a trident in his hand and a sword on his back.

"I need backup." Buzz-Off calls into his radio. A large shadow looms over him. A giant, red claw smacks him in the back of the head, knocking him out.

Clawful, the giant lobster man, stands over him. Mer-Man grabs the green Equalizer Orb.

"Good job, Clawful." Mer-Man croaks. "Skeletor will reward us for this."

Full Metal Yellowjacket flies down to the other Evil Warriors. With a flick of his wrists, blades extend from his gauntlets as he walks up to Buzz-Off's unconscious body.

"This one's mine." he states. "I'll cut his wings off as a trophy."


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The three Evil Warriors loomed over Buzz-Off's unconscious body. Full Metal Yellowjacket lifted his bladed gauntlets over the Heroic Warriors wings.

Just then a whistle sound came from the ocean as a man came flying out of the water. With a white, metallic dolphins head and a water jet pack on his back, the newcomer flew towards the Evil Warriors. He pointed a sleek, cybernetic pistol at Full Metal Yellowjacket. A thin, high pressurized stream of water burst out of the pistol and smacked Full Metal Yellowjacket in the face, who flew backwards into the wall of the lighthouse. The spikes in his armor stuck to the wall and the unconscious Andreenid hung there.

The dolphin headed man sprayed his gun at Clawful, who blocked the stream with his giant claw. Mer-Man ran away carrying the Equalizer Orb as Clawful blocked the dolphin headed man from shooting him.

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"Who are you?" Clawful asked. "Why are you interfering?"

"The name's Dolph," he answered, his light blue and white uniform gleaming in the sunlight. "Dolph Intelligencer. I'm a friend of Buzz-Off's. I don't like how you treated my friend."

Clawful laughed as he snapped his claws. "That's a nice water pistol. Too bad it can't hurt me or my shell."

"Water pistol?" Dolph Intelligencer gasped. "My Wave Gun is no mere water pistol."

Dolph Intelligencer shot a wave stream at the sand under Clawful's feet. The lobster man sank down to his hip as the Heroic Warrior hit his water jet pack and launched, briefly, into the air above Clawful's head.

Dolph Intelligencer pointed his wave gun at Mer-Man just as the fish tyrant dove for the water. The wave stream struck Mer-Man in the back, launching him further into the water, the green orb falling out of his hands.

Clawful leaped out of the hole in the ground and grabbed Dolph Intelligencer by the leg, throwing him to the ground.

Clawful leered down at the Heroic Warrior, snapping his giant claw.

"We can't have a Heroic Warrior who can swim and breathe under water," Clawful said. "That's me and Mer-Man's territory. Time to see if that metal dolphin head is just a helmut or your actual head."

Dolph Intelligencer smiled up at Clawful. "I told you that Buzz-Off was my friend, right? Well, crabmeat, Buzz-Off is not my only friend."

"By The Power Of Greyskull."

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A booming voice rang out above them.

Clawful's sneer turned to a frown as he looked up to the top of the lighthouse to see a huge, muscular man holding the Power Sword to the sky.

"I Have The POWER!!!"

He-Man jumped from the lighthouse down to the beach, swinging the Power Sword into the ground as he landed.

The shockwave hit Clawful, sending the brute flying backwards.

He-Man ran up to Dolph Intelligencer, helping him up.

"I need to get to that orb before Mer-Man wakes up." he said to He-Man, pointing to the spot where Mer-Man dropped the orb.

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A purple energy bolt hit the ground at He-Man's feet. He looked up to see his arch-nemesis standing atop the mayor's building, holding his Havoc Staff and surrounded by his Evil Warriors; Evil-Lyn, Beast Man, Tri-Klops, Kobra Kahn, Whiplash, Two Bad, Spikor, Webstor and Stinkor.

"He-Man!" Skeletor yelled. "Always interfering with my plans. You will pay for this. Attack my Evil Warriors. Bring me the Equalizer Orb."

"Get me to that orb." Dolph Intelligencer yelled.

He-Man grabbed Dolph Intelligencer and threw him into the water where Mer-Man dropped the orb. He dived down deep in search of the magical artifact.

He could see the green glowing orb at the bottom of the ocean. He did not see the sword wielding Mer-Man swimming behind him.

Meanwhile, on the beach, the battle began. Skeletor, Evil-Lyn and Tri-Klops stood atop the mayor's building shooting energy blasts at He-Man, while Kobra Kahn, Beast Man, Whiplash, Spikor, Two Bad, Webstor and Stinkor all jumped down to battle him.

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Spikor dove straight at He-Man from the top of the building, extending his trident arm straight at the defender of Eternia's chest.

He-Man blocked the trident with the Power Sword, jumped into the air towards Spikor and punched him in the one place where spikes weren't extending from his body. His face.

Spikor flew into the wall of the lighthouse, getting stuck right next to Full Metal Yellowjacket.

As he landed, He-Man was met by Whiplash's tail, knocking him to the ground. He tried all he could to block the energy blasts coming from Skeletor, Evil-Lyn and Tri-Klops, while also dodging Kobra Kahn's poison spit and avoiding Webstor's webs blasts. There were just too many of them.


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He-Man is doing all he can to avoid the onslaught from his many foes.

Just then, the lighthouse wall holding up Full Metal Yellowjacket and Spikor bursts outward. Kobra Kahn and Webstor dodge the debris, Whiplash however was too slow as Spikor flew on top of him. His scaly skin barely protecting him from being impaled to death.

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Standing inside the hole in the wall is Ram Man. "Somebody call fer backup?" Ram man joked.

Man-At-Arms, Teela, Mekaneck, Man-E-Faces, Roboto and Sy-Klone came running out of the hole in the wall created by Ram Man.

Teela jump kicked Kobra Kahn, while Mekaneck extended his head to knock Webstor off the side of the wall. Man-E-Faces shot at Two Bad while Beast Man jumped on top of Roboto, slashing the robot's helmet only to get electrocuted. Sy-Klone used his wind powers to blow Stinkor's fumes back into his face.

Man-At-Arms shot energy blasts up at Skeletor.

Evil-Lyn and Tri-Klops both aimed their weapons at Man-At-Arms ready to blast him.

Stratos, the bird man, came flying up behind them, tackling them both off the roof of the mayor's building.

Evil-Lyn floated to the ground while Stratos brought Tri-Klops crashing to the ground.

With a mighty leap, He-Man jumped up onto the roof of the mayor's building, facing off against Skeletor.

"Your side is losing, Skeletor." He-Man declared.

"Once I have the Equalizer Orb, I will destroy you, He-Man." Skeletor counters. "I have my best warrior on the job."

Just then Dolph Intelligencer came bursting out of the water, the Equalizer Orb in one hand and Mer-Man's unconscious body slumped over his shoulder.

He throws Mer-Man's body to the sandy beach below and holds up the green orb for Skeletor to see.

"Looking for this?" Dolph Intelligencer asks as he points his Wave Gun at it. "Seems fragile."

"No!" Skeletor yells. "You don't know what that'll do."

"Destroy it," yells Man-At-Arms. "Don't trust Skeletor. That thing made the villagers disappear."

Just then a spider web attaches itself to the orb. Webstor pulls the orb out of Dolph Intelligencer's hands, while Kobra Kahn spits a wad of poison at his face. Dolph Intelligencer dives in the water to wash the poison off.

Webstor grabs the orb, just before Teela jump kicks it out of his hand. The orb lands on the ground next to Buzz-Off's body, lying on the beach.

Several Evil Warriors and Heroic Warriors converge on the orb at once.

No Caption Provided

A purple ring of energy bursts out of Evil-Lyn's staff, pushing the other warriors away. "The orb is mine." Evil-Lyn laughs as she strolls towards the orb. "I shall rule Eternia."

"Evil-Lyn!" Skeletor yells. "You give that orb to me."

Just then an axe-staff smashes down on the orb, splitting it into two. Buzz-Off looks up from the ground, holding the axe-staff.

"Time to Buzz-Off, Skeletor." The Heroic Andreenid quips.

A green light surrounds the town as the villagers return.

Skeletor and his Evil Warriors glow a green energy as they disappear.

"I'll get you for this, He-Man," he yells as he disappears. "And your Heroic Warriors too."

He-Man jumps down to Buzz-Off and helps his friend up. "Good job, friend."

He looks around at his Heroic Warriors. Dolph Intelligencer crawls out of the water, the poison washed from his face, Teela helps him up.

"Good job all of you. We couldn't have done it alone. You are all, Masters of the Universe."

The villagers all gathered round the Heroic Warriors to thank each of them.



"Hey kids, it's me Orko and my pal Cringer." Orko floated in the air, twirling his magic hat.

"Yowl! That was a scary ordeal." Cringer cried, throwing his paws over his head.

"It sure was," Orko replied. "Buzz-Off, Dolph Intelligencer and He-Man wouldn't have made it out of that ordeal without teamwork. With the help of each other and the rest of the Heroic Warriors, they might not have prevailed."

"Yowl!" Cringer replied. "You're right. Teamwork is a great thing, right Prince Adam?"

"That's right, Cringer!" Prince Adam said as he pointed the Power Sword at Cringer. "Speaking of teamwork, Man-At-Arms, Teela and The Sorceress need our help."

"Uh-oh!" Cringer exclaimed. "Here we go again."

"By The Power Of Greyskull."

Cringer transformed into the ferocious Battle Cat with a great growl, as Prince Adam turns into He-Man, defender of Eternia.

"I Have The POWER!!!"



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#2  Edited By stumpy49er

This story was originally written for the Character Creation Contest #56 https://comicvine.gamespot.com/profile/cbishop/blog/ccc-56-voting-thread/129772/ in which writers had to create two original characters, one good and one bad, for He-Man and The Masters Of The Universe mythos.

Writers Notes:

I've always been a fan of He-Man, being born in the early 80's. This was a fun story to write. One of the cool things about writing fan-fic is getting to write the characters you like in a mythos and show why you think that character is cool.

In this case, my favorite Heroic Warrior being Buzz-Off, I was able to showcase him a lot in this. Also, my favorite Evil Warrior is Mer-Man, who I also was able to give some spotlight.

I really liked writing this story as an actual episode of He-Man. I watched an episode on YouTube, just to get the vibe of it, then got to writing this.

All around I enjoyed this. May write another episode. For now, I'm satisfied with this.

Props to all the great artists on DeviantArt whose work I used in this.