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Secret Origin

In one of the many meet and greets user Silkcuts has had with Jeff Lemire he asked: "So, what is Buddy exactly?  I honestly tried to figure it out and you know I mean no disrespect since I love your work, but I can't figure it out."  Jeff laughs to what Silkcuts just said and replies, "It's okay.  I originally had him as a sheep, but changed him to a Donkey, so he is a Donkey."  The two of them laughed a little more and no tension occurred from what Silkcuts gambled could of been an awkward and/or offensive moment.

Current State of Buddy

With the events of issue #17 of Sweet Tooth we learn Buddy is the son of Tommy Jepperd.  Jepperd is currently under the assumption Buddy is dead, but in truth is in custody of Abbot

Fan Fact:

  • Buddy was originally a Sheep when Jeff Lemire came up with him
  • Buddy's first word was "D-DA?"  It was our belief Buddy could not speak until that moment.

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