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Marshal Bravestarr is a American Indian law-man on the planet "New Texas" in the twenty second century. New Texas has a native population of small humanoids resembling praire dogs called “Prarie People” and is home to a mineral called Kerium, a rare and powerful crystal of great importance in spacefaring societies. Bravestarr works for the inter-planetary gvoernment that colonized New Texas and spends much of his time keeping this mineral from his enemy, Tex Hex, and other less than reputable opportunists.

The culture of the New Texas colony (inhabited predominantly by humans but also by various aliens and robots) bears a remarkable resemblance to the culture of the American West.

In addition to Kerium mining, the planet is also the site of "solacow" ranching. "Solacows" are large cattle-like creatures. As a Law-man of New Texas, Bravestarr carries a “Neutra-laser”, but is best known for his Native-American powers. These powers were taught to him by a shaman and draw from "spirit animals."

Spirit Animal Powers

  • Eyes of the Hawk: allowing him to see great distances
  • Ears of the Wolf: endowing him with super-hearing
  • Strength of the Bear: granting him super-strength
  • Speed of the Puma: empowering him with super-speed

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