Brak Pak K'rak

    Character » Brak Pak K'rak appears in 9 issues.

    One of the Night Stalkers. With the treaty in effect he befriended Elsa Fen and was a friend of Jack Frost II.

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    Brak Pak K'rak, Brak for short was sent to go along with Jack Frost; to make sure he completed his heroic task and stopped the tyrannical sorcerer. Brak's shown to be very loyal to his king Wruk Buk Tuk. Over the journey to the sorcerer's castle he saw that Jack was a good person, even for a human and began to show respect for him. Before starting the battle with the sorcerer, in case he tried controlling Brak, he told Jack how his kind have glass noses (his kind's version of a glass jaw). After a long fight and knocking out Brak, so not to kill him, Jack defeated the sorcerer.

    With the sorcerer gone, Brak's kind and the Elsa's people could co-exist in peace. Not much is known what happened to Brak after Jack left what is known is that he began a type of friendship with Elsa. And was seen accompanying her on her journey in Jack of Fables The End, when she felt something calling her. When they reached the mundane world, the walked in on a huge battle with the Raven and the Fables, the Page Sisters, and Jack Frost. All fighting his father, not knowing it was Jack Horner. And Elsa met Pecos Bill who was confused by the whole scene.

    Though its not shown what happened to Brak or Elsa afterwards. Either they were killed off-screen during the fight's chaos or somehow stayed out of the way and survived the battle. If he and Elsa did survive, most likely they gave Jack Frost and MacDuff (if there was anything left) a proper burial.


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